Write Everything Down

Writing everything down is a great habit which we should all continue to develop. As you write things down, you learn to gauge and adapt your progress at any time, without needing to resort to memory. Below are some basic understandings:


1. Writing important ideas down creates discipline.


Any aspect of discipline is worthy of developing, because discipline always continues to increase. There is no such thing as too much discipline. The more discipline you get, the easier it will be to reach your goals.


2. Writing things down allows you to plan.


Disciplined planning allows your focus to increase which increases the rate of physical and mental manifestation. The focus comes from planning your whole day, such that the day becomes one of efficient action to the goal.


3. Writing down your plans allows you to focus on action.


That is, instead of trying to remember everything in your head, and juggle around mental duties, you can completely detach and get on with performing the right actions. This is by far the easiest way to get on with what matters, instead of getting bogged down in forgetfulness and remembering.


What To Expect/Conclusion


When you start to write things down, it may be a bit clumsy at first or difficult to do, because you lack the correct discipline. However, as you continue to write down your goals and exhibit a strong degree of mental focus and physical discipline, writing down will become second nature to you. This will allow you to become much more efficient in your days, and derive maximum benefit from your time, therefore catapulting you towards the manifestation you desire.



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