Waypoints refers to the situation of reaching a crossroads by which multiple decisions can be made. In this situation, you can either make a wrong or a right decision, therefore leading to either positive or negative manifestation. Below are some basic tools to help:


1. You can only make the right decision at a waypoint under focus.


This means:


a) If you are not focused, you will make the wrong decision at some point, guaranteed.

b) Focus allows you to gain insight into the situation to therefore make the right decision

c) Focus in both mind and body, allows you to access greater areas of consciousness, that are not possible with using only the mind, or only the body.


Focus is therefore absolutely critical to make the right decisions here. Without it, you will be doomed into negative manifestation. It is therefore paramount to understand fully how focus relates to waypoints.


2. Waypoints indicate a manifestation in progress.


This means:


a) The waypoint came about because a manifestation was taking place

b) The waypoint must be locked in with a special mindset (taught in our guide)

c) The waypoint can reverse the polarity of a negative manifestation of the past.


Waypoints are therefore a very tricky tool, in which if you are on the wrong side of the coin (through the wrong mindset), you are very likely to make the wrong decision and create a negative manifestation. This concept therefore requires your full understanding,.


3. Waypoints of the past can be corrected through the mindset of the future.


This means:


a) Negative manifestation of the past can be changed to lock in a positive manifestation in progress, from that past manifestation. In other words, the negative manifestation of the past will actually become a positive manifestation event all along.

b) Negative manifestation is not permanent. In fact, your situation is never permanent all along, so there is always scope for change.


What To Expect/Conclusion


Waypoints are an extremely important topic, because the decisions which you make at these points will either make or break your manifestation completely. You must therefore make the commitment to yourself to understand the full manifestation system which incorporates this topic.



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