Vision Boards

Vision boards have been advocated in law of attraction circles. These are a great way for boosting your confidence and empowering you towards success. However, there are some precautions to be mentioned here which aren't really talked about anywhere else. Below are some understandings to help you:


1. Vision boards, if you are not careful, may lead to fantasising and increases belief in lack


When you look at your vision board, you will see things which you like. This is empowering, makes you feel confident and sends good signals to your mind. The theory is that visualising yourself having these things is supposed to change your subconscious mind so that you "attract" that vision into your life.

However, your brain already knows that you don't have the image which is on the vision board. If you know it, then the brain obviously knows it, since the brain is a part of you. This means that by default, your brain is focused on THE LACK of the vision, since it knows that you DON'T have the vision on the board. You therefore move away from achieving the vision by default when you are focused on it. This is a strange paradox, but our experience over the years has taught this to be true.

So, although the vision board is designed to help manifestation, if you are not careful, you will actually focus on the LACK of manifestation when looking at the board. The law of attraction states that what you focus on, will grow, so focusing on the lack will increase it even more.


The only way to change this is to learn to live in the moment and access the subconscious mind directly first. This happens from focusing on your goals and doing physical actions towards them with full concentration and focus. When you make the physical actions and focus for long periods, you access the latent power of your mind. It is this latent power that is already within you that needs to be released first before any manifestation can happen. Then the law of attraction can work in your favor. When you live in the moment, you are focused on your true inner peace. The inner peace then grows and manifests in your outward reality.

Simply looking at a vision board is potentially harmful to manifestation if you aren't sure what you are doing. Never forget that the brain is not stupid and it can tell the difference between a real and imaginary experience. It knows what is real and what is imaginary. It can tell the difference between something which you are seeing in your mind and something which is a physical thing.


2. Vision boards, if you are not careful, will violate the law of detachment


The Law Of Detachment states you must become unconscious of your manifestation and allow the subconscious/unconscious mind to perform the manifestation. It is essentially, let go and let God do the rest of the work. However, by viewing your goal on the vision board, you can actually violate this important law if you are not careful. Some further understandings to help you:


a) Vision boards make the law of detachment impossible. As soon as you view your vision board, whether consciously or in an unaware manner, you violate the law of detachment and decrease your manifestation. This is because you bring your vision into consciousness, whereas it is only the unconscious mind which performs the manifestation.


b) Bringing the goal into conscious awareness means that any actions which you make towards it are nullified of any manifestation power. This is because the manifestation power lies in the unconscious, and not the conscious.

You will basically end up in a try-hard situation, where the harder you try, the less the results you get.



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3. Vision boards are not required to manifest. High levels of concentration and focus are more important

The primary quality to achieve manifestation success is high levels of concentration and focus. When you are able to concentrate for long periods of time, and put full dedication into what you are doing, as you are doing it, you will manifest. A vision board is thus not required at all. It may help you to feel more confident about your goal, but on its own it is not the primary manifestation mover.

Work to improve your concentration and focus as much as possible, and you will find it easier to manifest more of the things you want. The vision board can be ignored for now. It can help you maintain some motivation, but real motivation comes from deep within your subconscious mind.


What To Expect/Conclusion


Vision boards are an advanced manifestation tool that needs to be done properly to bring powerful results. Since it is an advanced component, beginners or intermediates may make mistakes in the process and use the vision board incorrectly. In all honesty, there are many potential pitfalls in using a vision board correctly so we do not recommend it for beginners. You are much better off living in the moment, working your concentration abilities and connecting to your subconscious mind that way.

As you begin to access the subconscious mind and manifest that way, you will enhance your manifestations considerably. You will release creative energy all around you and this will act as the vision for your goals. Since you are invested in the moment as your basis, you can manifest for real. Then, the law of attraction acts as a positive influence for you. Obviously, you will need to understand the full Laws Of Mind System to live in the moment, concentrate and build your mental abilities to manifest correctly. That is what our main course is all about.


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