Value Your Time

Time is the most important resource you have. The secret lies in the fact that its value is hidden, by it not feeling important at all. Time appears to be plentiful, but it really isn't. Below are some helpful understandings:


1. You are always on the back foot with time.


No matter what you do, time will always be flowing and will not stop in its flow. When your time is gone, it is gone forever. This is why it is important to begin to make your investment towards your goals now.


2. You can do a lot in just 10 minutes.


When you value and truly understand time, you will realise for sure that you can do so much in just 10 minutes. 10 minutes seems like a small amount of time, which is expendable, but it isn't. When you truly value your time and know how to use it effectively, you can accomplish volumes in just 10 minutes. This means you must educate and teach yourself to become as efficient as possible.


3. You will only truly value your time when it has run out.


A 20 year old man is past his physical peak by the time he is 30. He only has a 10 year window to reach a physical goal in the easiest way possible. However, counting all the time spent sleeping, eating and doing miscellaneous and non-goal related things, will trash that down to 5 years. So in this case, he only has 5 years! After that, the rest of his years and spent doing idle things. with no accumulative positive value. Ask anybody in there 30s or 40s how quickly their teens and 20s went. They will all agree that it went very fast.



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4. Successful people get ahead in the time that other's waste.


People who achieve a lot simply used their time in a better way. There is no magical secret and myth in this. We all have 24 hours in a day, but the majority are completely unaware as to how much time they waste in doing idle things. You must learn to progressively eliminate all idle occurences from your life, so you can catapult ahead of everyone else.


5. Eliminate all distractions such as TV, newspapers, radio, video games etc


These tools are the curse of the non-manifesters. Super successful people simply do not have the time for these things. Instead of being passive and analysing the situations and events of other people, they are busy creating the life they desire and focusing on improving their own selves. If you find yourself always talking about other people, you are definitely on the wrong track. Learn to look at yourself, and begin to develop control over your own mind and body.


What To Expect/Conclusion


When you learn to truly and fully value your time, your life will accelerate at rapid speed, as your mental and physical manifestations take place on a daily basis. Time is the most fundamental of resources, and the most valuable. Learn to value your time and make the most of every minute you have. That way, you are guaranteed success beyond your wildest dreams.


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