Use Deep Thought Experiments

Using deep thought experiments is useful to come up with solutions to extremely difficult problems. It is not a method to be used by the faint hearted, or by those who lack a very serious and complicated problem. Below are some basic understandings to help you:


1. A deep thought experiment requires a clearly defined problem


You should understand your problem in as detailed a way as possible. This includes all the main and sub features of the problem, what the problem looks like in your mind, the sound, smell and taste of the problem (if these exist), whoever else is involved, the location etc etc. Basically, have everything completely defined in your mind. This will allow you to have a solid mental grasp of your problem, and allow you to crack into solutions.


2. Be in a very deep mental state to analyse your problem


For example, a deep trance state is extremely useful to help you, because your mind can easily access its subconscious foundation which has a much higher capacity to analyse and criticise problems. A way to do this, is through the VAK technique, found at


3. A solution to your problem may take many months to arise.


Patience is the key here. The more patient you are in seeking a solution, and the more consistent you are in attempting to seek a solution, the more the mental resources within you become entangled and geared towards finding a solution for you. The objective is to continue to keep going.


What To Expect/Conclusion


Deep Thought Experiments is a very advanced way to make changes in your life. It is not a method for the faint hearted. Typical uses include complicated academic problems, corporate issues and lifestyle decisions. The advice is to learn the VAK technique.



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