Trust Of Intuition

Trust of intuition refers to the concept of being able to recognise the intuition which comes from within you. Without this, important thoughts which come from deep within the subconscious and unconscious minds will be ignored, therefore leading to missed opportunities for manifestation. Below are some basic understandings of this:


1. To notice intuition requires mental silence at all times.


This means:


a) You must only ever focus in the moment in which you are in. This will naturally calm your mind, because it is focusing on momentary things, and not fantasising, visualising etc


b) You must take control of your mind and body. To take control, means to use the mind and body in the most efficient way possible. The most efficient way is to use the natural mental and bodily resources which are already within you.


2. Intuition is a component of mental manifestation.


This means


a) The intuition doesn't necessarily have to be some amazing thought or idea. It is simply an extension of the already-existing mental manifestations you have had.


b) The intuition may replace already existing ideas you have. Those ideas may have come about as mental manifestations, but can become obsolete if you do not act on them. Therefore the intuition you achieve is to help you with current manifestation, and must be acted on quickly.


3. Intuition which is acted on, harnesses even deeper mental resources.


a) When you act on intuition, your mind and body are in unison, and synergise each others purpose. This means that you achieve natural traction, which will increase it even more. This happens by linking into the deeper levels of your consciousness.


b) When you act on intuition, you will therefore achieve more intuition. This is how you can achieve a step by step roadmap to the manifestation you desire, which eventually develops into a full-blown manifestation system in which your habits and thoughts are in unison for manifestation.


What To Expect/Conclusion


To achieve intuition is simply a matter of following the correct manifestation system in the Laws of Mind secret. The ability to recognise the intuition comes as a component of this. When intuition is in full flight, all the thoughts which you have will eventually become intuition, in that they have come from within the depths of the subconscious and unconscious minds. At this stage, the mental and physical manifestations will go hay-wire.



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