True Wealth Resonance

True wealth resonance refers to the concept of achieving true wealth, abundance and prosperity with genuinely no effort whatsoever. To achieve wealth resonance requires a genuine understanding of some basics, which are contained below:


1. Wealth resonance is all about focusing on expansion and giving


This means


a) You need to be of service and give from the natural resources and strengths which you have.

b) You need to have a single minded focus towards the goals you have set yourself.

c) You need to continue to expand and persist in expansion until the goal is reached.


2. Wealth resonance is nothing to do with wealth "feelings" and "emotions"


This means


a) You need to control your emotions and feelings, and minimise them. Feelings are only useful if they reinforce immediate action towards the goal.


b) You need to be aware of emotional waypoints. That is, situations in which your emotions are providing intuition-like signals as to the right course of action to take.



Inside you will learn:

How to master your mind for manifestation
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3. Wealth resonance is about forming a system of habits which create systems of money flow.


This means


a) You need to form the right habits, because habits will automatically move you towards the goal without any effort whatsoever.


b) You need to understand that creating a system, is better than one-off manifestations.


c) You need to maintain a single minded focus which will connect you to the unconscious, and provide you mental manifestation to reinforce the system.


What To Expect/Conclusion


Wealth resonance is a very misunderstood concept, and people think they can simply "feel rich" to become rich. Being rich is something which you already have by law, only when you take full control of your mind and body. To take control of the mind and body requires to know exactly how the mind and body actually work, without which all efforts are completely useless. This is why I created The Laws of Mind System. This has every single factor and step so you know exactly, how to take control of the mind and body, and at long last create the huge and true manifestations you long for.


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