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Greetings, my name is Joan Baker and I purchased this course a few days ago and am in the process of reading the second version.....so I haven't finished the whole program. I have also set up a blog in order to receive an AIS. I'm so impressed with this concept versus the standard Laws of Attraction. Needless to say I've been manifesting like crazy and wondering what I'm doing wrong. Me and everyone else I imagine.

To the point.....I would like to have Mr. Chowdhury's permission to
write an article to submit to the press online promoting this course. <deleted to protect privacy> I just happen to think this course is wonderful, not the same old thing said in a different way. So far I'm surprisingly impressed.

I do hope you will respond to this message and feel free to ask me any questions you would like.

Joan Baker


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Brilliant brilliant brilliant. Ive studied manifestation for years and nobody comes close to nailing it on the head like you just did.
absolutely brilliant. Might I ask how you came up with such a fantastic idea??? I also had a few questions:

<deleted to protect privacy>

I can provide more information on request.

Best Wishes
Christopher D. Durrand


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Dear Support Team,

Thanks a lot for your quick response and detailed explanation to my questions. I’ve just fully realized what a great investment I’ve made by purchasing The Manifestation Guides.

Next step is definitely the Genius Intelligence Guide…

I am also grateful for the opportunity to have the new version of the Manifesting Guide and thank you for sending the link to me.


Attila Lukacs

Brisbane - Australia

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This time I am not going to ask any questions,

instead, I just want to thank you all of you here

every time when I read the guide again, it gives me more inspiration

especially on my real life situation I am having now

I want to change my life, not that I'm poor now, but to be better

Remember you told me that expansion is a natural law? that's cool~

And the most appreciable thing that your company does is every time the versions of the guide are updated, the system becomes much much more perfect as well as more precise step for us to implement and much more easily

It seems like every time the changes are like from Windows 98 to XP and then to Vista

Every time it just gives me a revolution feeling

Just keep it going!!


I love you!



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Dear sir

I've recently purchased your "the complete guide to manifestation" and absolutely love it.

<deletions to protect privacy>

Many thanks for a wonderful product and your assistance.

Yours faithfully
Patricia Hanns


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Hello there.

My name is Alex, and I bought your guide.

Your guide has so much intellectual esotericism about it, its wonderful. its so much

clearer than the law of attraction school of thought that its a breath of fresh air. I hope you receive


more from it.

Kind Regards


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Dear Support



I have just finished reading The Complete Guide to Manifestation eBook. Thank you for providing me and others with such a clear, comprehensive and ‘true’Manifestation material that I have been truly seeking for a long period of time. There’s lot of hype on the internet nowadays, everybody seems to be a great expert, but in most cases it is only waste of time and money.


As a "humble" final comment, let me tell you that you've put a mind blowing material together.

Thank you very much on behalf of everybody who already experienced it.

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Hi. I dont really write emails for products I buy but I had to say something here.

Your guide is really really interesting. If this is the true secret, I wouldn't

let it get out too much. this info is too good.

thanks very much



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Dear Kads. Thank you for the 7 points. I am so excited about having something practical to apply to change my life. You are so to the point. You have blessed me Thanks again. Diane.

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HOLY <deleted> Was I really that stupid? Could I really be THAT <deleted>?? Oh man, you've
totally opened my eyes. I love you guys. I cant believe I was so <deleted> for that
attraction <deleted>

I had a few questions I wanted to ask, if you could help me please:

<deleted to protect privacy>

Thanks in advance


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Thank you for the help.. the information that both of you have provided has
been of great benefit in the shortest space of time..

lately - I recently finished my course of project management... I aced it with a distinction, 89% 1 mark away from 90%

I then recently received a promotion as a project manager - in my company - things are moving very quickly.

Although I have not fully made use of the information in the manuals to 100%..

.. I have applied certain techniques and rules---and yes the results have been great.

Thank you!

Hope to hear from you soon.

Best Regards



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Im writing this e-mail about your guide.

I think you just annihilated the law of attraction. It would be interesting to hear what other "gurus" so to speak have to say about it

Maybe everyone would lose credibility? even famous names like <deleted>

I think this is just great and thank you for bringing it to the public eye.




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