Spiritual Manifestation

Spiritual manifestation is the term given to manifestations which effect the overall state and structure of the mental and physical manifestations around you, for an infinite period of time. Examples of this include bliss, enlightenment, salvation, the favor of God granting of paradise, hell etc etc. Below you will find some basic understandings of spiritual manifestation:


1. Spiritual manifestation is a specific system of manifestation which only allows certain possibilities.


In other words, it is a system which only allows certain mental and physical manifestations to take place. When the spiritual system is in place or gains a foothold, it will become impossible to step outside the system and create whichever manifestation you please. For example, a devout Muslim or Jew will find it impossible to drink alcohol and they will never even come into a position where alcohol is on offer. This occurs because they have a system of spiritual manifestation in place which is only allowing certain physical and mental manifestations to arise. There are no physical manifestations of alcohol, and there are no mental manifestations through urges, desires or curiosity.


The situation can also be reversed, in that someone who cannot resist alcohol and always has alcohol around him, has a different spiritual manifestation and system of physical and mental manifestations. The alcohol and its consumption is always present, and it would be impossible to not have alcohol, or imagine what it would be like without it.


2. A spiritual manifestation system is always in place.


That is, regardless of whether you are alive, dead, or not even born, there is still a system of spiritual manifestation in place. During your lifetime, the spiritual manifestation system will influence what can and what cannot happen in your life. You should therefore be aware of your spiritual system, because it may create barriers in your life which are impossible to overcome, where you personally desire none.



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3. Spiritual manifestation cannot be reversed or undone.


Once the manifestation has taken place, you must live with that manifestation, and change your situation subject to it. This is common sense but worth stating, because life is always progressing, and so too are your manifestations. Your power lies in being able to progressively change your life one step at a time. There is no such thing as a sudden change, but only gradual ones.


4. Spiritual manifestation is always both physical and mental together.


In other words, it is not just mental, or not just physical. The two occur together and reinforce one another. This means that spiritual understanding, is only spiritual when met with the appropriate action, and vice-versa. To simply have a spiritual understanding, with no physical action, is not the spiritual level you think it is. To determine your spiritual level can therefore be defined as the system of actions and thoughts you perform the most.


What To Expect/Conclusion


Spiritual manifestations cannot be ignored since they can limit the mental and physical manifestations which you can have. It is okay to not be spiritual per se, but a spiritual element is always playing a role in the manifestations in your life.


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