Set Up Your Own Company

Setting up your own company refers to the act of becoming independent and in charge of your own financial future, rather than relying on someone else's company, or your employer to command it for you. Below are some understandings to help you here:


1. Your objective should always be to be your own boss


When you are your own boss, you are in the right position to decide exactly what happens in your life. You call the shots, and you are directly responsible for the consequences of your actions. This increases your ability to control your mind and body, therefore increasing the rate of manifestation which can come from you.


2. All companies started from scratch, so anybody can build a large company


This means that you are just as capable of achieving large financial and corporate feats from scratch, just as much as anyone else has been. Everything starts from scratch, and having the necessary understanding of how quickly manifestation takes place in the Laws of Mind will allow you to catapult forward and achieve the manifestation you want.


3. Being an employee means you aren't in charge


When you aren't in charge, you are not in charge of your life, and the mental and physical resources inside you. You become subordinate, and will remain subordinate until you decide to go it alone and make something of your life.



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4. Your objective should always be to quit your job


If your job isn't the dream life you want, you should set the objective that you are going to quit your job, and live your dream. You should begin to take steps to live the life you desire immediately. This can be sacrificing your spare time to set up your own company, and continuing to sacrifice until you have the resources to go it alone.


5. You do not need any experience to go it alone


This is one of the largest myths in the corporate and business world. The truth is that you don't actually need any experience whatsoever to set up your own company. All you need is a passion and desire to achieve the life you want, and keep in mind that other people are achieving exactly the same as you, or even more. This will motivate you to keep going and continue in the manifestations you want.


What To Expect/Conclusion


Setting up your own company and being your own boss makes you in charge of your life. In any other case, you are recessive, and will continue to lack control of your own mind and body. Successful manifestation in all endeavours comes from controlling the mind and body, and so you should take the steps to achieve this from now. You need to set up a plan of what your passion and desire is in life, and then follow the exact and specific manifestation system, in The Laws Of Mind System.


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