Respect Of Body

A much overlooked component of successful manifestation is respecting the body. This is important, because respect of the body is what must naturally exist, if you are to be naturally control of the resources you have within you, both physical and mental. Below you will find some basic understandings to help you respect the body:


1. Make sure your diet is adequate.


If your diet is poor, you cannot expect your body to have adequate health. This in turn leads to negative mental and physical manifestation. The key point to note here is that diet has a cumulative effect over time. One off meals may have little immediate effect, but compounding this over time will show clear effects on your ability and quality of manifestation.


2. Ensure that your body receives sufficient exercise regularly.


Exercise allows your brain to function optimally, allowing clarity of thought and mind. This is the strongest foundation to allow for clear mental and physical manifestations. It also allows you to boost your concentration and focus, so that you can act efficiently towards your goals. Like diet, exercise is another simple step which is overlooked.


3. Get sufficient sleep every night.


Sleep allows you to link into the unconscious, and helps you to obtain intuition and subconscious thoughts when awake. This will guide you easily towards the right path for your goals.



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4. Focus on your strengths.


People that try to do everything rarely amount to anything. Those that focus on their strengths, and do those things which they are best at doing allows for specialisation and efficiency. If something is not your strength, you will either need to reframe it in your mind so that it becomes so, or seek advice from a person where it is their strength.


What To Expect/Conclusion


If you choose to ignore the significance of respecting the body through exercise, diet and sleep, you will still obtain manifestations. However, these manifestations will gradually and progressively lead you away from the goals you desire, and without you noticing. This is because the change is happening from inside you, so you don't notice the changes happening. This is why it is important to observe your diet, exercise etc and see how much of it actually exists in your life. The less that there is, the more you are actually on the wrong track and creating the opportunities for even more obstacles.


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