Receiving is the concept of getting what you ask for. It is advocated in law of attraction circles as the final component of the manifestation process. However, there are misconceptions in receiving, because it doesn't happen in the way people suppose. Below are some understandings to help you:


1. You cannot receive your goal from the universe. You actually create your goal. You are in charge and not the universe.

It is proposed that "the universe" allows you to receive your goal, but this is false.


This is because:


Manifestation is only a one way process. You are the cause of change, and you are causing other things to change. The universe is completely subject to your will, in accordance with the control you have over your own mind and body. You do not receive anything from it. You are helping it to manifest. It is you, by virtue of possessing consciousness, that you help the universe to manifest.

2. Receiving creates the misconception that you only have to do half the work


In other words, you do half the work, and the universe does the other half or part of the work to make your goal come easier. There is a misconception here:


a) You have to do all the work in true manifestation. You need to make all the actions, and change your state of awareness to be aware of all the occurrences and situations which aid your goal. You need to be highly focused and disciplined to make the manifestation come about.

Receiving creates the misconception that your burden is somehow lightened by "something else" doing most of the work for you, and you simply being in the right state of mind. The truth is, you will need to do all of the work. With the right focus and concentration, you can certainly open up the doorway to new possibilities, but realise that you will need to put in the work.


b) You receive only by creating. The process of manifestation is your actions and mindset to create the manifestation. To put the emphasis on receiving is therefore putting the emphasis on a non-manifesting process which leads to no manifestation. In basic terms, always think about creating. The more you can create, the more you are receiving automatically.


3. Receiving is the wrong polarity. Giving and creating is the right polarity.


Always focus on what you are giving and offering to the world. This allows you to connect with the natural resources within you, because consciousness by nature wants to offer and it wants to give. To focus on receiving is to ignore the fundamental process of manifestation in service and giving. You must be focused on serving others and doing things for them. This way you will receive. Those that give will receive.


What To Expect/Conclusion


Receiving is a very misinformed and mis-understood topic in the manifestation world. There are some things to avoid which have been highlighted above. You should always focus on the act and process of giving and working hard to your goals with strong concentration and focus. The Laws Of Mind system puts the emphasis on high levels of focus and concentration to strengthen your intent. As your intent grows, your ability to manifest grows exponentially. Exponential gains come from laser like focus and concentration skills which must be cultivated to allow the manifestation to happen.



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