Positive Thinking

Positive thinking is a great tool to enhance your success. However, positive thinking needs to be used very carefully if you want to truly manifest your goals. Here is some valuable information below which will help overcome any misconceptions on this topic and clear your manifestation intelligence.

1. Positive thinking needs to be controlled and should not be haphazard

Positive thinking on its own will do little unless it is fully controlled and done in a conscious way. Some pointers:


a) With positive thinking, you may find yourself subtly thinking about the past or future if you are not careful. This is why you need to learn to live in the moment. When you live in the moment, you invest maximum mental energies in the here and now, and get your returns in the here and now. This is the law.

b) Positive thinking requires you to control your thoughts. If you have controlled thoughts, you can think positively on a consistent basis. This means you stand a maximum chance of manifesting. To do this, learn to live in the moment. Concentrate on momentary living first and gain competency in that first. This is absolutely and totally crucial to manifestation. Remember this: The secret is the Laws Of Mind. Accessing your true mental power through strong levels of concentration is how you manifest. It does not happen simply through positive thinking on its own.


2. Positive thinking must not replace authenticity

Positive thinking is important for making you feel motivated and energised for your goals. However, it should never replace authenticity. You must be authentic at all times if you wish to maximise the progress to your goals. For example, you may be thinking positive about doing well in your exams, but if you haven't revised for your exams and don't know the material, then no amount of positivity is going to work for you.

Here, you need to be authentic and real. You need to be aware where you are in your present situation and have a realistic, positive expectation. For example, to be positive about your revision efforts, the results you can realistically get and so on.

Additional points:

a) Make sure you accept the situation you are in to begin with. Acceptance is the first stage towards changing your life. Get real with where you are first, and then you can move forward to making changes.

b) After acceptance, then you can think positive thoughts of where you want to go. If you have no acceptance of your present situation, you are simply "dreaming" positive thoughts and not relating it to your present situation. So, make sure your positive thinking comes from a state of acceptance of the here and now to begin with.



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3. Positive thinking needs to be a solid habit, that you perform continuously on a daily basis


You need to always be thinking positive thoughts if you wish to achieve maximum progress to your goals. As you continue to think positively, you will re-wire your neurons to move you closer to the things you want. Additional pointers:

a) Analyse your life and see how much of your time is spent with the wrong thinking. Change your thinking from negative to positive and make a solid habit of doing this.

b) Associate with positive thinkers. Being positive on your own will have limited value, because the people you associate with, will determine how you think. You must associate with positive people if you want to get positive results.


What To Expect/Conclusion


Positive thinking is fantastic for creating success but there are pitfalls which you need to be aware of. You need to ensure you are authentic and have a full acceptance of your present situation first, and then you can think positively. If you are simply ignoring your present situation completely, you are detached from authenticity and your true core personal power. You must accept your situation and then be positive, in a controlled manner. You also need to associate with positive people so their influence rubs off on you.


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