Positive Manifestation

Positive manifestation refers to the occurrence of events and situations which are steps in the manifestation of your goal. Below are some basic understandings to help you:


1. Positive manifestation always occurs within a system of manifestation


That is, the good manifestation is not a one-off event but a system of manifestations. To keep this system going simply needs you to keep doing the positive things you are doing.


2. Positive manifestation arises from efficiency


Whereas negative manifestation is from inefficiency. To remain efficient rests on two parts: efficiency of the mind, and efficiency of the body. An efficient mind is one that is focused, has clear thoughts and a good plan of action. An efficient body is one that is disciplined and has a good system of physical habits.


3. Positive manifestation is most easily obtained through action and unawareness


That is, the more you act towards your goal and become unaware that a manifestation is taking place, the more the positive manifestation actually increases. So your goal is to be efficient in your actions and only focus on that. Do not become aware of things outside of this.


4. Positive manifestation can be a new idea, a good situation, occurence, meeting someone who helps you etc etc


In other words, it can be basically anything which helps your goal. The manifestation has arisen because you have done things in a certain way. Eventually, these manifestations will lead you to the goal you desire.


What To Expect/Conclusion


Positive manifestation will arise when you understand the full system of manifestation and how everything relates to everything else. Without positive manifestation, all that will arise is negative manifestation. This is why you must actively go out and learn how to manifest your dreams correctly. The more you understand the correct manifestation system, the more you can apply it and begin to see the changes in your life.

Positive manifestation comes from total efficiency to your goals. As you are completely and totally efficient, you will make positive manifestations. It's as simple as that. If it isn't a positive manifestation, it will be a negative one. You are either moving towards one or the other, and not both. To be highly disciplined, focused and have high levels of concentration are the quickest and sure fire ways of enhancing your manifestation progress.



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