Physical Manifestation

Physical manifestation is the name given to the physical re-ordering of the environment around you, so that the path towards your goal becomes easier, eventually leading to the goal itself. Examples of physical manifestation are wealth and ownership of resources, business opportunities, increased health, new relationships etc etc.


Below you will find some basic understandings of physical manifestation.


1. Physical manifestation always occurs after mental manifestation.


This means that you always get the right thoughts, ideas and theories about how to achieve your goal, BEFORE the physical goal actually comes about.


So it more or less goes without saying that to get to the physical manifestation, you need to have the right thoughts, ideas and theories first. This means you should:


a) Strive to become an expert on achieving your goal


The more information and things you know on how to achieve your goal, the better understanding you have of how to achieve it. It always helps to be an expert. If you're not an expert, you might be missing things out which could help you manifest.


b) Strive to become clear in your mind on how to get the goal


Clarity of mind will help you be clear on what you need to do to get the goal. If you're not clear, it simply means you aren't sure about what you're doing and whether the effects of your actions will be fruitful or not.


2. Physical manifestation is an unconscious act.


That is, physical manifestation happens through detachment. So when you're detached from your goal and not thinking about, the physical manifestation will be in process and eventually take place.


(Advanced explanation for experts only: the less aware you are of the physical manifestation, and the more unconscious you become when awake, the more the physical manifestation is allowed to take place. If you become consciously aware that your situation is changing, your physical manifestation will decrease. You should therefore be diligent in whatever you do by not exerting too much conscious control over the physical manifestation. You must allow everything to take its course, without conscious intervention. )


3. Physical manifestation builds up over time


That is, it takes time to build up to the physical manifestation you want. This time might mean it takes weeks, months or even years to get it. The patience is bitter, but the fruit is always sweet.

(Advanced understanding for experts: physical manifestation takes place within a system of manifestation which will continue to manifest physical things for you, so long as you are doing things in the correct way. There is no such thing as one-off manifestations. The manifestation is always accumulative in nature, so you are either manifesting many good things, or many bad things.)



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4. Physical manifestation can sometimes be a non-physical manifestation.


That is, the physical manifestation is not a truly physical manifestation per se. For example, a change in ownership of a house is a non-physical manifestation. The house was already there to begin with, and was not physically manifested due to your efforts.


What happened was that a mental manifestation occurred to change the ownership of the house which was already there. So a lot of your time, your physical dreams already exist in the physical world, and it just requires a change in your focus to concentrate on the steps to have ownership, more than physical construction and re-ordering.


5. Physical manifestation occurs through the natural, and not the man-made.


All physical manifestations occur through natural laws. Anything which is not bound by natural law cannot manifest, because what is not in nature does not even exist.


A good place to apply this concept is on money: Money is man made, which means it is made up and has no natural power in real natural law. It is simply a made up concept. Therefore, focusing on the man made (i.e. by focusing on money) will not lead to any true money manifestation, because it is not focusing on the real laws which exist in nature.

Your objective should always be to focus on natural resources already within you, which are the true variables which lead to wealth and money manifestation. Here are some examples of natural resources:

a) Your mind and body

b) Your talents, strengths

c) Your interests and personality

Doing the things which interest you, which are your strengths and which you're talented at will lead to MUCH QUICKER and bigger wealth manifestation than doing something you don't enjoy and which is boring etc.

So focusing on your natural resources and strengths is a key basis for rapid manifestation.

What To Expect/Conclusion

Physical manifestation is a topic which most people would like to know more about, because they want more money, more possessions and more wealth. However, thinking like this and focusing on your material desires directly will not lead to possession of them, because it is ignoring natural laws where the true natural and real power lies. To achieve your true material desires therefore requires a strong understanding of your own natural resources.

These natural resources, and how to use them correctly are revealed exclusively in a revolutionary step by step system, called The Laws of Mind.

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