Negative Manifestation

Negative manifestation refers to the occurrence of events and situations which lead you away from the manifestation you want. This occurs within an overall system of manifestation. Below you will find some understandings to help you:


1. Negative manifestation is always a sequence


There are no "one-off" negative occurrences. Negative manifestation is always a system which creates many negative manifestations one after another.


2. Negative manifestation arises from inefficiency


Inefficiency can be separated into mind and body inefficiency. Mind inefficiency is that of lack of focus, direction, drive and planning. Body inefficiency is that of laziness, lack of discipline and poor habits. All of this will result in negative manifestation. What you must do is safe guard yourself from this by learning the correct system of manifestation.


3. Negative manifestation cannot be stopped when it is in progress


That is, when the fundamental causes are there to allow it to take place, it will happen. The best you can do is to correct the deficiencies and be aware of where the deficiencies to cause the negative manifestation is.


4. Minor negative manifestation is your warning signal of what is in the process of becoming


That is, as soon as you get some small negative manifestations, you know there is a bigger manifestation in the making. This small manifestation is therefore a warning of what is in the process of becoming. Your aim is to act immediately towards your aim to safeguard your progress.


What To Expect/Conclusion


To stop negative manifestation is an active process. This means you need to actively go out and create the manifestation you desire. To sit around and be lazy is the exact recipe which you don't want.



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