Money Is Made Up

Money is made up is the fact that money is made up from the top of other people's heads in accordance with their own whims and desires. Below are some understandings to help you:


1. Thinking in money terms is thinking in made up terms


a) Something which is made up cannot hold natural traction. You therefore lose connection to your own natural desire, ending up with a negative manifestation.


b) Made up terms is creating made up limits. You are therefore limiting yourself completely by thinking in money terms. This decreases your mental manifestation significantly, in that you will have less thoughts, ideas, plans etc.


2. Counting your money will decrease it significantly


When you count, you are in the embracing the "made up world" which money is part of. This means:


a) You increase in the rate of negative manifestation. Your good ideas, plans etc all begin to decrease. This happens because you are disconnected from natural truth, since money is part of the "made up" and is not a natural truth.


b) You begin to become egotistical. If you say "this is the money I have" you create an artificial limit, and you see it from a selfish perspective. This disconnects you from the unconscious mind which causes manifestation. You therefore receive no intuition whatsoever and will end up wandering on the wrong path.


3. Believing you only have XYZ amount of money is detrimental and should be avoided


This is because:


a) You are embracing the lie that money is a real thing, when it isn't.

b) You become bound by the limit you create. This means you can only view things from that limited perspective.

c) You do not notice service and giving which is how money comes to you.


What To Expect/Conclusion


The best way to increase your money is to stop saying or thinking about wanting to increase it at all. Instead, focus entirely on following your passion. Passion is a natural energy which has natural traction in natural and real reality. Compare that to money which is made up from the baseless whims of others. This is the correct way to increase wealth.



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