Momentary Living

Momentary living refers to the act of living and focusing on the present situation, instead of fantasising about the future, or worrying about the past. When you do this, you allow a strong connection between the different layers of your own mind, which will provide you the inner resources for mental and physical manifestation. Below you will find some key basics about momentary living:


1. Momentary living requires action instead of reaction.


That is, you must become the dominant force over your environment, and you must make the environment subject to your will, and not the other way round. You do this by putting your whole mental attention on the situation you are in, such that mental control within you, allows you to exert control over the environment.


2. Momentary living requires you to focus on the immediate steps to the goal.


It is therefore a fundamental to help achieve consistent action towards the goal. As long as you live in the moment consistently, you will consistently know what immediate actions to take to manifest the goal. As you perform these actions, you will obtain a much clearer plan of direction, in terms of what you need to do to manifest the goal.



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3. Momentary living creates a sense of urgency.


When you live in the moment, it increases the link with the unconscious mind, which in turn forces you towards the goal through a genuine and naturally bound time pressure. This time pressure will naturally lead you towards the first and clear steps you must take towards the manifestation.


4. Momentary living allows you to quieten your mind.


When your mind is calm and relaxed, true intuition from deep within your mind can come to the fore. This allows you to base your decision on true intuition and reasoning, to give you the quickest route to your goal. Also, when your mind is calm, your actions become more efficient, because you can subject your whole mental attention without disturbance on the tasks you have set yourself.


What To Expect/Conclusion


When you live in the moment, your life will change completely in a very short space of time, because momentary living will cause an immediate change in the way your mind operates within itself. You will gain a genuine and quick understanding of which habits and beliefs have not served you good towards your goal, and you will begin to forge a new and clear path of action. As you begin to achieve mental efficiency from within, your whole life will begin to gradually change for the better. However, you must make the commitment to yourself, to correctly understand how to apply momentary living, within a complete system of manifestation, since momentary living on its own without the other fundamentals will have little effect.


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