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"At Last! A Step By Step Guide With Real
Manifestation Secrets That Actually
Work: Using The Laws Of Mindô!"

The Truth Is Out: The Law Of Attraction Is Not The Secret,
And I'm Going To Reveal The True Secret In A Way
That You Can Use And Start Seeing Your Dreams Come True At Long Last...
Even If You're Just Starting, And Have No Idea Of How To Achieve Your Dreams.....

Manifest what you truly want to achieve

Improve wealth, prosperity and physical manifestation

Achieve more happiness, joy and satisfaction

Use a simple, flexible and proven 3 step system

Can be used for any manifestation purpose

Dear Success Enthusiast,

It's true!

There is a secret to manifestation success.

And its not the law of attraction.

It's the Laws Of Mindô.
And I'm going to show you exactly how to use this true secret once and for all, so that you're finally manifesting your true desires at long last.

You see, the true secret to achieving your desires has been clouded so much, that it has still remained a secret. The true secret to manifestation is not the law of attraction and never ever was. It has always been the Laws of Mindô.

Listen. A secret is a secret for a reason. And this secret hasn't been revealed for a good reason: people cannot stomach it! My guide will explain exactly how to actually achieve your dreams...using the true secret once and for all.

The Laws Of Mindô can be summarised as this:
All power to manifest lies in your mind, because existence is mental in nature. To achieve your goals simply requires a change in your state of consciousness through the combined steps of energy, intent and action.

The reality you experience is mental which is linked to your own mind, and it is changes in your own mind which directly creates the physical reality.

The Power Of Your Mind Is Your License To Get What
You Desire On Demand - Anytime You Want

All you need to understand is...

Achieving your dreams is simply a specific system of doing things, which involves 3 steps, called:
Energy, Intent And Action.

Here Are 5 Simple Reasons Why This Is The True Secret And Completely Slaughters Every Other Manifestation Model Out There, And Especially The Law Of Attraction

Reason #1:
It gets results quickly, with certainly and with absolutely nothing left to chance FROM DAY ONE. All you need to do is follow the simple step by step instructions and watch your life change around completely.

Reason #2: It gets to the cause of manifestation. The law of attraction is an effect. It is not the cause. The mind is the cause of all phenomena in true manifestation of your dreams. Only through understanding the Laws of your Mind can you understand the cause of manifestation which can get you what you want.

Reason #3: You don't need to know about quantum physics, spirituality or other "manifestation-like" topics. All you need is a brain and an open-mindedness to what I will teach: The true formula is simple yet dangerously powerful.

Reason #4: You don't need to visualise all day.
Okay, the law of attraction principles don't say this, but I'm still surprised by the number of people who visualise every day and still wonder why their dreams don't come true!

Reason #5: You don't need the things that make manifestation a pain in the neck.
You don't need vision boards,  gratitude, feelings, constant positive thinking etc etc.

Plus, in the system I 've perfected for you...

I Am Going To Transform You Into A Successful
Manifester From Scratch,
No Matter What Situation You Are In


Business tycoons, Nobel Laureates, sports personalities and political leaders are the power brokers who have the ability to manifest because they know how to apply the power in their minds to turn their lives around.

It's from these people that the Laws Of Mindô have been painstakingly extracted and filtered into a simple, 3 step system for you to achieve your dreams.

Here Is My Story

Listen, if I didn't do it myself, I wouldn't even believe it. In fact, the only reason I even tried to find the true secret was my life was in such a state, that I had to.

My name is Kads Adams, co-creator of the BrainTune® mental enhancement audio series. I once used the principles of the Law Of Attraction, thinking it was the answer to my problems. I cried watching "The Secret" movie when it first came out because I thought the true secret and solutions to my ills was finally here.

At that time, I was desperate, single and completely and totally broke. I had great success in academics, but apart from that, I couldn't achieve or change my situation no matter what I did.

You see, I had a tough job in the heart of London, UK and I wanted to use the Law of Attraction principles to help me get out of the rat race.  I had no financial or job security where I was. I was a slave to my boss and living from pay check to pay check. I wanted freedom and independence badly, and I had none of it. On top of that, my relationships with my friends and family were a mess which put a serious dent in my confidence.

But no matter what I did to improve my situation and how much I studied and applied the Law of Attraction, it never ever worked for me.  In fact, I was still in exactly the same situation and I couldn't understand why. And then it struck me..... how can the Law Of Attraction be the secret to success if it doesn't and isn't working?!?

I was completely heart broken and somewhat angry with myself. The so called "secret" didn't work FOR REAL and I would have to find a replacement quick or lose my sanity!

After years of banging my head against the wall, I have found the answer which has literally changed my life.

It is called the Laws Of Mindô and it ties all the loose ends of manifestation together. It gives you everything you need and it is without doubt the holy grail of manifestation.

I have now quit my rubbish job, and am now working to build a multi-million dollar global enterprise from scratch. My confidence has never been better. My relationships are excellent and things are looking brighter (finally!) The Laws of Mindô is a revolution in human consciousness and understanding and it can completely turn your life around for good.

And guess what? The true manifestation secrets apply to ANY situation in your life. With real secrets comes REAL success: Proudly Presents The World's First,
Only And Most Complete Guide Dedicated
To Help YOU Live The Life Of Your Dreams :

"The Real Contender To The Law Of Attraction Is Finally Here! Manifest Your Dreams
At Last, Using Proven Strategies For Quick And Accurate Manifestation Results...And Leave Absolutely Nothing To Chance!"

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I guarantee that you'll never read a guide that's as easy to follow, step-by-step and clear as "Manifestation Intelligence: The Laws Of Mind System™". This guide will seriously teach you on how you can go about achieving the life you want and relieving yourself of any burdens and difficulties you may be facing in your life, for real.

This project also took YEARS of research and experimentation. In fact, some of the world's greatest manifestation masters (including Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, John Rockefeller and Andrew Carnegie) have been researched to find out their secrets to manifestation success and I've inputted the most critical of these in "Manifestation Intelligence: The Laws Of Mind System™" with absolutely nothing held back. To figure this all out yourself would take you at least 5 years.

I've used these people as EXAMPLES because they've created the biggest manifestations we could think of, instead of manifesting small little things like everyone else seems to have.

Finally, there are only 3 steps. That's it. Follow the steps from one to three and your done!

My personal strength is the ability to teach, and I want to teach you clearly and accurately, the greatness of the Laws Of Mind System.

Here Is What You'll Find In
The Laws Of Mind System™:

How to use the Laws Of Mind Systemô effectively to bring you the manifestations you want.

Clear explanations, diagrams, audios and illustrations of the Laws of Mind System. Understanding its true power allows you to use it right away.

How your mind and reality are linked together to manifest what you want, and how to make sure your mind is communicating the right thing, ie your manifestation goal!

How the mind works, and the rules and principles which determine what you manifest.

How to master the 3 steps of energy, intent and action using a step by step and simple formula.

Exactly which mental states you need to have to directly impact and create positive manifestations, and how to get those mental states.

How to permanently change your mental state and use the Laws of Mind System on autopilot, for automatic and continuous manifestations for your whole life.

How to leverage principles of your mind to leverage your manifesting depth. This secret ensures that your manifestation is full, and part of your wider success story.

How you can create major DAILY manifestations towards what you want, using nothing but natural mental and bodily triggers.

Why the mind needs mental information, how to get it, and how that affects what manifests automatically.

Why visualising does not work, and how to harness the principles of your unconscious mind to guide you to your goal instead.

How mental clarity is essential to your goals and how to go about creating it successfully.

Simple and powerful strategies for building a solid intent and mindset, which helps you to lock in on your manifestation goal.

How to structure your mindset in a way, which automatically and systematically relieves you of all financial burdens and difficulties in your life.

How to keep mental focus to your goal and use that to build motivation and drive to help you succeed.

How to use the Laws of Mind Systemô to eliminate laziness, procrastination, tiredness and other things which are a barrier to your manifestation goals.

How to structure your mindset on the present reality to give you the thoughts, ideas, intuition and creativity you need to move towards what you want.

How to ensure decisive daily action towards your goals through the concept of manifestation momentum.

How the Laws of Mindô will reveal to you exactly what you need to do on a day to day basis to reach your goal.

How the concept of time is linked to your mind, and how to use time to take advantage of your subconscious mental powers for manifestation.

How you can modify and pulverise poor beliefs and boost your mental power and direction towards your goals.

How to permanently and decisively re-wire your past in your own mind so that it acts as a positive mental propeller to manifest your present dreams.

How to keep your manifestations going, and how to successfully watch out for the stumbling blocks.

Why there are only two types of manifestation you need to be aware of, and what you can do through the Laws of Mind to make them manifest each other.

Step by step examples of applying the Laws of Mind Systemô to overcome any problem, burden or trouble that you may be experiencing in your life for good.

Step by step examples of how to bring your life to the next level using the Laws of Mindô, and increase wealth, relationship success, happiness, health and  peace of mind.

Print out diagrams that summarise all the main points of the Laws of Mind System to re-read at your own pleasure.

And much more!

I Get It! I Want To Manifest My Dreams!

Give Me The Secrets Now!

This Guide Is The Key To Your Desires, And It Will Change Everything For You...

Lets down to the grass roots here:

How does it make you feel to know that some tycoon or guru somewhere can magically manifest BILLIONS OF DOLLARS or get MULTIPLE partners or MULTIPLE mansions of their dreams on a plate, while YOU bang your head against the wall as you struggle to get started manifesting anything?!

It's a horrible feeling, and you owe it to yourself to put it right.You owe yourself peace of mind in your life, away from all the horrible burdens, troubles and ills you may be facing by not knowing the Laws of Mind.

Life is supposed to be ABUNDANT, prosperous and satisfying, and NOT full of burdens.

My friend, I have found the secret and it is not the law of attraction. It's the Laws of Mindô and I'm going to give you this true secret at long last..

I'm Going To Help You Create A System Of Manifestation That NEVER
Stops Manifesting Your Dreams For You.

You know, my situation a few years back was really really bad. I would hate to go back to that position where I was broke with a rubbish life, but I know many many people are in exactly my old shoes and need this information badly. And here's what I know about you - you want to manifest your dreams or you wouldn't be reading this letter....and you want to be seeing results fast.


Plus you want to get there without burning yourself out, right? Of course that's right! That's what everybody who wants to achieve their dreams wants. It's what everyone who is struggling also wants.

Frankly, YOU deserve success. You probably work hard. You're not dumb. Maybe you've been banging your head against the wall for years trying to achieve your dreams, and nothing has "clicked".

This Guide Is The Key To Your Dreams, And It Will Change Everything For You...

You have knocked this completely on the head and annihilated the law of attraction. The true secret is out: The Laws of Mindô is the secret!!!!

My advice to you is this: don't let other people fool you. If you've failed to manifest your dreams, there is a definite reason why: you have been listening to the wrong people!

Samuel Hawk, California, USA

This guy is a genius!

Every line and every word of this guide is absolute GOLD. This guy is a genius, simple as that. I can't believe the true secret is actually in here. The true secret is amazing!

If you're a sane person, you need to read this. This is the alternative to the law of attraction you've been looking for. Don't falter at the chance when someone shows you the road right in front of you.

Fred Mostin. UK.


This has got to be my number one!

Derek Wong, China

Well, I have to admit that I've bought a few manifestation guides before but this has got to be my number one. What a great product!

How did you come up with all this? It's brilliant! It smashes everyone to absolute pieces, and I'm talking about the absolute famous crème de la crème here.

An idiot could get this and manifest millions. What a great chance to make a difference for real.

Holy Freakin Cow!

Sokat Ali, Leicester, UK

Holy freakin cow! I can't believe how good this is. This is something else!!!!

Your guide is extremely well written My head is boggling and I finally get it.

Why couldn't the law of attraction be like that?

My dream is to be a doctor and using your secrets, I've finally managed to qualify for the entrance exam.You've fulfilled the wish of those that have a dream. Thank you so much.


Oh yes, this is good!

Adriana Smith, U.S.A

At long last.I think you should get the word out about this and see how those law of attraction "gurus" shake in their boots! So far I feel so much clearer in my head, and have a much better sense of my self and direction in life. I can't wait to manifest my bigger goals.

Your system is unique and makes so much sense.

I would say to anyone reading this: run, and run to get this now. This information is too good and might not be around for too long.

Good luck!

So much better than the law of attraction!

David Torres, Australia

Good stuff mate, job well done, and so much better than the law of attraction. I'm glad you've got this out showing an awesome opportunity to manifest for real.

I particularly liked the step by step nature of what you're teaching here. It's clear, and I never got that from the law of attraction courses I did.

I'll be recommending your course to my friends, and thanks once again.

I just happen to think this course is wonderful, not the same old thing said in a different way. So far I'm surprisingly impressed.

(J. Baker, U.S.A)

Testimonial Proof

Brilliant brilliant brilliant. Ive studied manifestation for years and nobody comes close to nailing it on the head like you just did.

(C. Durrand, U.S.A)

Testimonial Proof

Congratulations for this magnificent work!

(G. Molnar, Spain)

Testimonial Proof

I just want to thank all of you here. Every time I read the guide, it gives me more inspiration

(H. Frank, Australia)

Testimonial Proof

I've recently purchased your "complete guide to manifestation" and absolutely love it. Many thanks for a wonderful product and your assistance.

(P. Hanns, U.S.A)

Testimonial Proof

Your guide has so much intellectual esotericism about it, its wonderful. Its so much clearer than the law of attraction school of thought that its a breath of fresh air

(A. Pana, U.K)

Testimonial Proof

Thank you for providing me and others with such a clear, comprehensive and ‘true’ manifestation material that I have been truly seeking for a long period of time. There’s lot of hype on the internet nowadays, everybody seems to be a great expert, but in most cases it is only a waste of time and money.

As a "humble" final comment, let me tell you that you've put a mind blowing material together. Thank you very much on behalf of everybody who already experienced it.

(A. Lukacs, Australia)

Testimonial Proof

I dont really write e-mails for products I buy but I had to say something here.  Your guide is really really interesting. If this is the true secret, I wouldn't  let it get out too much. This info is too good.

(J. Eidman, U.S.A)

Testimonial Proof

Thank you for the help.. the information that both of you have provided has been of great benefit in the shortest space of time. Lately - I recently finished my course of project management... I aced it with a distinction, 89% 1 mark away from 90%. 

I then recently received a promotion as a project manager - in my company - things are moving very quickly. I have applied certain techniques and rules---and yes the results have been great.

(C. Cairncross, Sweden)

Testimonial Proof

Im writing this e-mail about your guide. I think you just annihilated the law of attraction.  It would be interesting to hear what other "gurus" so to speak have to say about it. Maybe everyone would lose credibility? Even famous names like <deleted>.

I think this is just great and thank you for bringing it to the public eye.

(A. Saunders, U.S.A)

Testimonial Proof

Thank you so much. Read the entire package in one sitting. Amazing.

(S. Rudzinski, U.S.A)

Testimonial Proof

Thank you for the 7 points. I am so excited about having something practical to apply to change my life. You are so to the point. You have blessed me. Thanks again.

(Anonymous, U.S.A)

Testimonial Proof

I bought the course and I think it is awesome....

(G. Simoni, U.S.A)

Testimonial Proof

I don't know what to say! You are a really magnificent, special team. God Bless You.

(F. Canolli, Brazil)

Testimonial Proof

Suitable for the whole family, young, old, & any background.

Step by step instructions, including color diagrams, illustrations and examples

Make progress and changes in your life from day one onwards.

Gain a full and clear understanding of how manifestation works.

Okay, But Will I Need To Mortgage
My House To Afford This????

Absolutely not! This is not what this is about. Think of it this way. This is years of hard research and and physical effort condensed, to formulate and simplify EVERY strategy for manifestation success into a complete manifestation SYSTEM, called the Laws Of Mindô.


And I don't want a whole bunch of people ordering my product and doing nothing with it! I want you to be fully engaged and motivated to achieving your dreams, and that can only happen when you put some of your own skin on the line. So I asked myself, "what's a good way to keep you fully engaged, but not exclude other people who really need this?".

And I think you will be pleasantly pleased with the answer.

The Laws Of Mind Systemô is only $67 US.

Don't pass out on me. That's not a typo. It's a great price to know the truth.

However, there are only two catches:

First, you need to be willing to use these methods. This guide will teach you the true secret, but it will require you to put it into action. Don't just "read it and do nothing". I want you to put the actions into place and get what you want.

Second, I'm forced to put up the price soon. I have to because frankly this information is too good and shouldn't be in the public eye. This is way underpriced because I want it to be a special deal for people who really need it.

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There are more than 10 laws of energy which you need to know to manifest the right way. Do you know what those laws are? And do you know how to use them properly?

I created this guide for you to tell you about the subtle laws of energy which govern your life, and which unfortunately nobody bothers to talk about.

It will straighten out the truth once and for all and let you know everything you need to help you succeed.

Laws covered include polarity, substitution, detachment, creation, harness, intention, allowing etc etc. This guide will help you achieve peace of mind and is yours today as a bonus!

Super Bonus: #4 Manifestation Myths Exposed
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To create real manifestation results, you need to know what works and what doesn't, or you're basically wandering in the dark not having a clue.

In this guide, I'll expose all the main myths and half truths about manifestation, so you know what will work to manifest, and what won't.

Some myths we'll talk about are around topics like gratitude, visualising, attraction, feelings, wealth, action etc: where truth becomes muddled with fiction.

And to top it all off, it's yours today  as a bonus to the main guide!

Super Bonus #5: Nutrition For Manifestation ($47 value)

Did you know that what you eat influences what you manifest?

Food is a part of manifestation which is totally underestimated. And let me tell you, it has a HUGE effect on your manifestations.

Certain foods make your manifestation EASY and others smash it down completely. Do you know which foods?

Without this vital information, you leave your manifestation up to chance and waste your whole manifestation effort. Don't let that happen to you.

In this unique guide, I'll explain exactly which foods will increase your manifestations and exactly what won't.

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This audio helps you to increase your energy output when you need it. It will make you on the ball and ready to take action in day to day life.

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To me, it's absolutely priceless and you may never get this chance again.

Putting aside all the stuff you'll be getting, imagine how your life could potentially change once you have every piece of the puzzle sorted out for you...

You won't have to wander around in the dark anymore, losing time, money and effort on random learning. That only leaves you frustrated, broke, and still not getting anywhere for all your effort!
You won't need to guess anymore.  I'm guaranteeing from this guide that it will definitely pay off...and I guarantee you will definitely start to move towards your goals at long last.
You'll finally start to know what real manifestation power will let you do...whether that's buying your dream home, finding the partner of your dreams, creating that dream business or whatever. With real power comes real success.


And when you fit all those pieces together, isn't it a great picture? Isn't it exactly what you're looking for? Isn't it exactly what you want??


So Get The Riches You Want....



Get The Dream Home You Want....



Get The Dream Car You Want....



And Manifest Your Dreams For REAL!!!



So are you tired of messing around? Weary of banging your head against the wall? Then skip past all that pain and jumpstart your life immediately.

No matter where you are in your life, The Laws Of Mind Systemô will change the way you look at life forever. It can change everything around so easily that you might be shocked.

So if you're stuck in a rut, spinning your tires and continue to do what you're doing right now, how do you expect things to take a turn for the better? How are things going to get better if you don't finally make a decision? They won't!

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P.S Why should somebody else get all the success, while you sit their frustrated? You have a mind, just like them, and in that mind lies the true secrets to manifestation success. Here's your chance to live the life of your dreams, FOR REAL.


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We also have a FAQ section:
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It's time to get your dreams for real.


To Your Success!

Contact Us: Every effort has been made to accurately represent our product and it's potential. Any claims made of actual manifestation gains or actual results through use of this product have been validated and verified. The testimonials and examples used are standard results, and apply to the average purchaser. Your manifestations will increase if you follow our instructions step by step. However, as is naturally the case, each individuals success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire and motivation. As with any success endeavour, there is an inherent risk of misuse and abuse. We therefore offer no guarantee that the techniques you use will increase your manifestation if you abuse the techniques in our product or fail to use them correctly. Please read our full disclaimer for more information. This page is the official homepage. The articles database also contains many helpful tips to aid in your quest for manifestation perfection.