Mental Manifestation

Mental manifestation is the name given to manifestation which is purely mental in nature. Examples of this would be new ideas and thoughts, creativity, increased concentration, understanding, intuition and insight. All of these will bring you closer to the true manifestation of your desires. Below are some key points regarding mental manifestation:


1. Mental manifestation always occurs before physical manifestation.


That is, as your ideas, thoughts, understanding and insight into your goal increases, so too will the physical correlations of these. This is common sense, because as your overall understanding of your goal and how to reach it increases, so too will your ability to act towards it physically in the best and most efficient way possible.


2. Mental manifestation arises from being highly focused.


In other words, when you are highly focused, you will begin to release your natural mental energies and this make success happen a lot more easily for you. You need to be living in the moment and putting full mental investment on what you are doing, as you are doing it. This will help to boost your creative energy for greater success.


3. Correct mental manifestation is always the right answer. It is intuition.


This is because correct mental manifestation comes from deep within your mind, at the level of the unconscious. The unconscious has the deepest and largest mental processing power to give you the best solution possible. This type of thought is termed "intuition" and it does not require any analysis or scrutiny, because the analysis has already been done at the level of the unconscious.



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4. All mental manifestation is useless unless acted on.


When a mental manifestation from the unconscious mind occurs (i.e. intuition) you must be able to physically act on it quickly and efficiently. The thought has come to your mind, for a reason, and that reason and cause is because of the goal you have set yourself.


What To Expect/Conclusion


Mental manifestation is the absolute foundation for all manifestations. To learn how to correctly interpret and know what thoughts are right and wrong, can only come about, by having a proper understanding of the whole system of manifestation through the laws of mind. Without understanding of the whole system, from foundation, to basics, to intermediate to advanced components, we are left in the lurch and can only second guess on how to achieve our goals.


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