Mental Focus

Focus refers to your ability to exhibit full concentration, attention and mental emphasis on the goal you have set yourself, such that the commitment is increased mentally and leads to manifestation. Below you will find some key points regarding focus:


1. Continued focus increases the rate of mental manifestation.


Mental manifestation occurs within an overall system of manifestation which structures your mind in a specific way. To have a continued focus to your goal, is increasing the focus internally within your own mind, to therefore fundamentally change how your mind communicates within itself. This change in communication is shown by a straight passage between your conscious, subconscious and unconscious minds. Any thought which you have and any focus and drive you have towards your goal at this level of focus, is charged with intent and manifestation power. Therefore, the more focus you have towards your goals, the greater will be the connection to the unconscious mind, thus increasing the number of mental manifestations you have. This is the precursor to the physical manifestations which will soon follow.


2. Continued mental focus is a mind digging device.


This is the same point as above, but stated a different way. Focus allows you to increase the connections within the depths of your own mind, such that deep and natural mental resources can aid you in your manifestation efforts. This is through a large increase in intuition, creativity, ideas and awareness towards your goal (i.e. mental manifestation).


3. Mental focus requires you to detach from your goal.


Instead, you should focus your attention on the immediate things you must do to reach your goals. Detachment allows your focus to connect deeper into the unconscious mind. This will allow you to harness the true power of your mind, and maximise the quality and relevance of your mental manifestations as a precursor to the physical.



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4. Mental focus is a precursor to strong physical discipline.


When you have the correct mental focus, you will automatically create the right physical focus, which is called discipline. This is because when you focus your mind and only allow certain and specific thoughts to enter it, you create a specific limit of physical actions subject to this mental limit.


5. Mental focus can be harnessed and refined.


There are many levels of mental focus, and the deeper and higher quality depths have completely different effects from the shallow, conscious levels. It should therefore be your strategy to refine your mental focus on a consistent basis, such that you are always progressing towards accessing deeper mental powers, leading to mental and physical manifestation.


What To Expect/Conclusion


Strong mental focus is absolutely critical to allow for successful manifestation. It does this by first increasing the links within the deeper depths of your own mind, to therefore increase the rate of mental manifestation, as the precursor to the physical manifestation. Continued and strong focus can only come about through a proper understanding of the mental abilities which lies within you, and how to use them effectively. It is therefore advisable for you to understand your natural mental abilities fully, so as to guarantee your manifestations will materialise.


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