Limit Social Connections

Limiting social connections refers to the act of being extremely careful as to who you spend your time with. Below are some basic understandings for you:


1. You must never hang about with people who lack vision and purpose.


This is particularly true of young people, college students, unemployed etc who have a much higher probability of lacking direction and purpose. The way they speak, the purpose of their speech and manner of action is inefficient and will definitely influence your own actions and thought patterns.


2. You should always control the conversations you have with others.


Never become the recessive force in a conversation. Cut your conversation when it has lost its purpose, and make your conversations direct and to the point. Obviously, with social conversation this can be more lax, but you must still keep your overall purpose in mind at all times. There is no such thing as a conversation for nothing.


3. Never associate with negative people


This is a vortex which will draw you down as well. Instead, focus entirely on your goal and the actions required to reach it.


4. People which make you feel bad, or create awkward situations must be eliminated


A negative feeling or situation is a sign for you. The sign is saying that the situation or person must be removed. This is to ensure that only people who share your vision and will help you towards your goal will remain.


What To Expect/Conclusion


Social influence is one of the most underrated components of manifestation. You must always ensure that the people you associate with are in exact alignment towards your goals.



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