Laziness is the prime killer disease which has destroyed and will destroy the dreams of billions of people. Laziness is the greatest and most subtle parasite that could ever exist and so it is vital that we understand it properly so we can make ourselves immune from its effects. Below are the understandings to help you:


1. Laziness is subtle 


That is, it is not obvious when the beginnings of laziness will take their toll on you. Laziness creeps onto you so slowly that you will not notice it at all until it is too late. So if you see minor signs of laziness, know that the laziness is there and will creep on you.


2. Laziness is countered when you have a goal to strive towards


As you strive towards your goals, with focus in mind and body, you will increase your control over your own mind and body. This allows you to eradicate the pitfalls of laziness completely.


3. Laziness is cumulative


One small aspect of laziness will become bigger over time, eventually leading to widespread laziness and destruction. You must therefore keep an eye out for all forms of laziness which show in you. You can then trace this laziness back towards its roots, thus eliminating it.



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4. You must remain active and disciplined every day


Of course, there are days when you can become genuinely tired, and this is acceptable. However, on every other occasion, we must ensure that we are remaining active and focused on our goals.


5. Lack of control in social situations is a key indicator of laziness


If you find that you get "walked-all over" in social situations, then this is a sign that your frame of reality is weak. This allows for other people's laziness to crop into you and waste your time.


6. You must value your time at all costs.


Every act and thing which you perform should be an investment, because this will allow for continual returns. When you combine this with focus, you automatically make sure that the investments you make are the ones which will allow for optimal returns.


What To Expect/Conclusion


When you take the decision to strike out and destroy laziness, it will never happen unless you maintain and develop a single minded focus to your goal in mind and body. This can only come about when you understand the factors that allow for control of the mind and body to take place in the first place: The energy, intent & action system of the laws of mind.


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