Law Of Polarity

The law of polarity states that for every negative action, there is an equal positive action (and vice versa). Also, for every positive action or negative action, there is even more of the same. (ie positive means there is even more positive). Below you will find some basic understandings of the law of polarity:


1. You must learn to seek the positive benefit from every negative situation or thing.


In every failure lies a huge opportunity to create change. This is regardless of what the situation may be or who is at the cause of the situation. For example, a leading company which cannot deliver on certain desirable aspects of business, would count as a good business opportunity.


2. You must take control of polarity.


That is, you must actively polarise which means you must continue to refine your mindset, such that polarity can be seen in everything. This will come through using negative situations as a propeller of positive action, and through the genuine understanding that polarity is a fundamental law of reality.


3. Polarity gives you hope in times of laziness and inaction.


At times when you struggle to remain motivated to your goals, the tendency is to err towards negativity. However, with polarity, we can simply reframe the situation to say that the inaction is the basis which can catapult you towards extreme efficiency.


What To Expect/Conclusion


To implement polarity correctly requires an active mind as opposed to a passive, through a willingness to genuinely seek the polarity in a situation. Alongside a fuller understanding of the whole system of manifestation will allow you to make massive progress towards your goals.



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