Law Of Harness

The law of harness states that continued accumulation in both mind and body towards a goal, will help to accumulate in the process even more. Below you will find some basics to help you understand the law of harness:


1. Harnessing the mind requires you to apply the body.


The mind cannot be harnessed simply by playing around inside your head on its own. Your body and environment exists for a reason, and that reason is to apply it correctly. When this is done, you will find that your mind becomes much more fine-tuned and efficient. This is because the physical acts as an extension of the mind.


2. The power of harnessing rests on harnessing the mind.


When you harness the mind, you are basically creating strong mental connections into the deeper depths of your own consciousness. This accelerates mental manifestation considerably, allowing you to achieve more manifestation as the manifestations progress.


3. Harnessing requires strong and decisive daily action.


As you make decisive actions, you will also make decisive changes. These changes arise firstly because of mental shift to make you more disciplined towards the goal in your mind, and also physically in the clear refinement of your habits which results.


4. Harnessing requires step by step progression.


Progress can only be made through progression. This progression is through small incremental changes which must be carried out in a step by step way. If you make too many changes too soon, the only result will be a strong correction by your body and mind, leading you to go into the same old patterns and cycles of behavior again and again.


What To Expect/Conclusion


Harnessing the mind is a fundamental component of manifestation, but can only be understood fully, within the context of a full manifestation system. This is why it is important for you to commit to learning it. However, this understanding will only arise when you make the commitment to make small incremental changes in your life towards your goals.



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