Law Of Decision

The law of decision states that the ability to set the correct course of action and stick to it at all costs will determine the extent of your success and manifestation. Below you will find some key basics regarding the law of decision:


1. Decision means choosing a course of action and sticking to it.


This means that every other possibility apart from that one course of action has to be eliminated completely. If you do not do this, you were not making a decision in the first place. To stick to the decision completely requires a fundamental change in the state of your consciousness.


2. Refining and being careful of your habits is crucial for correct decisions.


Habits are the systems of mind and body which you have in place, and which bound your life. Your power lies in being able to only modify your habits, one step at a time. Therefore, to correctly form decisions and stick to them will require you to modify your habits sufficiently, so that sticking to your decision becomes easy. In any other case, it will become difficult.


3. Decision and the refining of habits to create it rests on single minded focus.


When you have singleness of purpose and can move in a hell-bent nature directly towards your goals, you are in the perfect mental situation to create rapid changes in consciousness. The state of consciousness will determine your state of mind and body, and changing this state through singleness to the goal gives you the necessary foundation by which you can progress to make changes from.



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4. Decision is easier to perform when in the right environment.


If you have the wrong type of people around you, you are bound to procrastinate, be mentally slow, and develop a tendency towards inefficiency. However, the true nature to create manifestation must be one of getting into the right environment. So even though existence may be mental in nature, we must acknowledge that we have a physical presence in a physical environment, and use this basis to modify our lives, by getting into the right environment.


5. Making correct decisions lies on clarity of mind.


This goes without saying, but you would be surprised by how many people do not understand this. Clarity of mind means becoming emotionless, free of judgements and free of all thoughts. This is important because when we have any kind of thought in our mind, it acts as a filter to make you focus on specific types of actions and decisions. When your mind is clear, you are allowing the unconscious to creep up into your awareness without you knowing, to give the right type of thoughts to you.


What To Expect/Conclusion


When you learn to refine your habits correctly, you have a foundation which will allow you to set your decisions in the correct way. When you do this, you can commit to a course of action and reap the benefits that come with it. However, decision on its own will not lead to successful manifestation, and so you must commit to learning the whole manifestation system if you are to succeed.


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