Law Of Creation

The law of creation states that within mind is the creator which is responsible for everything. Below you will find some basic understandings of the implications of the law of creation:


1. Structuring your mind in a certain way allows you to create.


Humans are creators when they take charge of their inner mental and physical resources and apply it towards a goal. Manifestation and progression is the only end result which can happen because by taking charge of these resources is using the power which creates.


2. Creation is subtle.


When one is engaged fully in the act of manifestation through the use of their abilities, the manifestation seems non-existent. This is because manifestation is created by the unconscious mind within you, which you are connected to through unawareness. Your unawareness is the vessel which allows the true power to create through you.


3. All creation already exists.


That is, your manifestation already exists as a physical form, always. It is only that you must change the reality you experience by changing the cause which creates the reality. This cause lies directly inside your own mind.


4. Creation is never ending for you.


That is, you will always experience new things happening in your life. Life is always progressing, because your consciousness is always changing. It can either move towards the manifestations you desire, or towards the manifestations of others, which you may or may not desire.


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Creating the reality you want can only happen when you understand the nature of how creation actually takes place. Creation is a process which is initiated inside you, within an overall system of reality. You must take the steps to understand this system fully, for you to be able to manifest any desire you want.



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