Law Of Belief

The law of belief states that whatever you believe, you will see. Below you will find some basic understandings of how to apply this law, and how it relates to manifestation:


1. You must defend your beliefs actively.


That is, you cannot expect the beliefs you have to remain, unless you actively defend them against other erroneous or conflicting beliefs. The best way to do this is to expand your beliefs by making others believe the way you do. This allows you to create a coherent reality where everyone around you backs up the way you think, and makes your belief and frame stronger.


2. The strength of your frame will determine the success of your beliefs.


That is, the coherence of your beliefs to project a single model and version of reality and how well you stick to them will determine the success of your beliefs. You cannot afford to have conflicting beliefs as this will weaken your frame and make it susceptible to other foreign influences.


3. Coherent beliefs create clarity of mind for manifestation.


That is, when there are no conflicting messages within your mind, and everything sets a coherent model of reality, your mind becomes clear and can correctly access its deeper mental resources. Clarity and singleness of mind acts as a mind-digging device, in which the depth and connection into deeper levels of consciousness increases, as the coherent, singleness and clarity increases.



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4. You must fully understand why you believe the things you believe.


From understanding, comes evolution of consciousness and manifestation. This is because as your consciousness changes for the better, so does the manifestations which you can bring up. Understanding will bring strong mental manifestations in all areas relating to the belief. It also allows your habits to evolve and change much quicker.


5. Beliefs must not be tampered with.


That is, do not change what works. If the belief which you have is working towards your manifestations, then don't change it. This is regardless of whether you think the belief is good or not. What works must be kept. However, beliefs which are clearly poor (e.g. negative beliefs) must be eliminated at all cost.


What To Expect/Conclusion


Maintaining a strong hold of your beliefs, and being careful what kind of beliefs you listen or pay attention to, will determine your success in setting a coherent mindset of reality, and the subsequent manifestation which results. Beliefs are extremely subtle, so it is easy for the wrong beliefs to creep into our mind without us realising. It is therefore necessary to understand how and what causes these beliefs to creep in, and what we can do to stop it, to therefore ensure we can keep our manifestations going at top-speed.


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