Know Before You Commit

Know before you commit refers to the act of understanding the implications of your actions before they arise, so you can assured in the knowledge that you are making the right actions towards your goals. Below are some basic understandings here:


1. Make sure you always have a plan you are following


When you have a plan, you will know for sure whether the actions you intend on performing will help to uphold that plan or not. This keeps you on the right track from the very beginning.


2. Keep control of your actions by understanding how actions work


You do this by keeping control of your mind, through momentary living. This is important, because sometimes we can get carried away with actions, without giving them proper thought and analysis to determine their worth.


3. Truly understand why you are doing the things you are going to do.


The majority of the time, our understandings of a goal and situation are completely superficial in nature. We completely lack an in-depth understanding because we are unaware of the components which create manifestation, as well as the components which will allow us to gain understanding in the first place. To understand our actions, we must understand the full system of manifestation. Also, to gain the understanding, we must understand the system which allows for the understanding to arise.


What To Expect/Conclusion


Understanding why we actually do things is critical to manifestation. The time to manifest your goal is naturally short, so you need to be aware of exactly what implications your actions will have. Once you begin to control your thoughts and actions, you will form the habits which will only make you do the right things to the goal. This will accelerate your manifestations sky ward.



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