In very general terms, intent is to do with how your mind is related to the goal you have set yourself. Hallmarks of intent include single minded focus to the goal, extreme concentration and disciplined action. Intent is a necessary component of manifestation, and below you will find some basic understandings of how to use intent the correct way.


1. Single mindedness of purpose is essential to successful manifestation.


This means you need to modify who you are in terms of modifying your state of consciousness. As you change the state, you are changing the way the components of your own mind communicate between themselves. This allows the true power from the unconscious mind to come to the fore, to provide the necessary intuition for you to achieve your dreams.


2. True intent means your mind must become clear of everything.


That is, your mind must become free of all thoughts, as if the mind was empty. When this is done properly, it's your connection to the unconscious mind which has allowed the mind to become empty but at the same, superior. A mind which is full of thoughts is weak, and has no connection to the unconscious. Your thoughts are not binded in anyway and are weak in power. However, a mind which has full understanding of itself, but is completely empty at the same time, is truly connected to the deeper depths of its own mind in the unconscious. The unconscious doesn't have random thoughts, because it is the most fundamental mental level which has all thoughts already. 


What will happen in this case, is that only the correct thoughts, and only the correct actions to reach your goal will occur. This gives you the quickest and most efficient way of manifesting your goal.



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3. The power in intent lies in unconscious intent.


This is similar to the point above but explained differently. The conscious and logical mind is weak, and can only contemplate things from an empirical or experience based perspective. However, the unconscious mind is encompassing and can consider things from multiple perspectives, and in a much quicker way. This means that you're objective should be to place your intent within the correct level of intent in the unconscious mind. When this happens, you have correct intent which will give you the necessary mental and physical manifestations required to reach your goal.


You do this by becoming unaware of your intent once it has been set.


4. True intent requires progressive change of the mind to harness intent.


When you intend, the intention may not be pure enough to reach the deepest levels of consciousness. This means the intention is not charged sufficiently to allow manifestation. Your objective should therefore be to continually modify and refine your intent, through continuous improvement of your mindset and actions to the goal, to change the overall state of consciousness. The greater the quality of your overall state of consciousness, the greater will be quality of your intent, and the manifestation which arises from it.


What To Expect/Conclusion


When you refine your intent properly, and place it in the right place, and in the right way, you are guaranteed a successful manifestation. Intent is simply a general term for a whole system of how the mind, in its different layers, communicates and relates to your goal. To know the exact, step by step system of how to gain the right intent, and to fully understand what every aspect of mind means, is a prerequisite to guarantee your manifestation will come true. This step by step system is the topic of The Laws Of Mind.


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