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In order to manifest your dreams, you need to be make sure that you're smart enough to make the manifestation come about. For example, if you want to be a scientist and invent something new, it clearly helps if you have a high IQ, so that you can continue to generate the right thoughts to help you achieve the goal. Below you will find some tips to help you increase your IQ:


1. You can increase your IQ using intelligence increasing techniques.


An example of such a technique is Pseudo Telekinesis which will increase your IQ by 5-10 points in around 3 months of use. website to learn more about this technique. The effect of this will be increased concentration, understanding and learning. This will therefore boost your mental manifestations skyward. Other techniques include VAK and PTMR which are taught at the Peak Genius website. Simply type in Peak Genius on your internet browser to view more information.


2. Make lifestyle changes to automatically boost your IQ.


For example, you could try consuming multi-vitamins or doing regular exercise. These help to boost your IQ. Multi-vitamins ensure that there are no nutritional deficiencies, and help to accelerate mental processes, whereas regular exercise will keep the supply of nutrients and blood flow to your brain in optimal condition.


3. Remain mentally active to increase mental manifestation.


You can literally do anything mental, such as playing chess, bingo, problem solving, homework, studying, learning etc etc. These will all help you to keep mentally alert and efficient, giving you a clear and calm mind when you need it. This promotes mental manifestation by improving your thought flow, ideas, plans etc.


What To Expect/Conclusion


When you have a high IQ, you are in a great position to be able to understand, learn and plan anything. A good IQ to have will depend entirely on your goal. However, an IQ of 150-160 is sufficient for almost any of life's endeavours. The best advice I can give for someone who is interested in intelligence increase would be to consult the Peak Genius website.



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