Idea Generation

Idea generation is a general term to describe the ability to achieve certain types of mental manifestation. Good ideas are essential to help you progress and modify the route towards your goals. They also help you to understand the process of how manifestation occurs, so you can fine-tune your overall manifestation system towards progress. Below you will find some key basics about idea generation:


1. Generating ideas should be an active endeavour.


That is, you should not just expect your best ideas to come as a by-product of your day to day activities. You need to actively go out and generate good ideas. You can do this through various means such as brainstorming, koinonia sessions, research etc. You should never expect the ideas that you have generated through yourself to be sufficient. Even though it is true that all knowledge can be accessed from within your own mind, that doesn't mean that external knowledge doesn't serve a use. The external knowledge exists for the reason to guide you towards the true knowledge you require for your manifestation effort.


2. Koinonia sessions are a good way to generate key new ideas.


A koinonia session is basically a peer group session by which leading experts in your chosen goal or topic discuss and generate new ideas in a non-judgemental environment. The benefit of this is that you gain exposure to key concepts and ideas you may not have thought about.


3. You must write all your ideas down.


To rely on your memory to store your ideas is a recipe for forgetfulness, and so we must remember our ideas permanently by writing them down. Key lessons and understandings should be placed on a wall or board in front of you, so that you can gradually over time, internalise the lessons and ideas generated.


4. You must understand the importance of ideas.


Ideas are giving you significant insight into how you should achieve your goals. Every idea which comes from your mind (under the correct manifestation system) has extreme importance and must be fully understood by you. Full understanding can only come about through recognition that the idea is serious, meaningful and extremely significant. Only through this will it allow you to put your full mental attention into understanding the idea itself.


What To Expect/Conclusion


When the ideas are flowing freely, and you have a genuine understanding of their significance, you are well on the way to the correct manifestations you seek. Idea generation is a significant component within mental manifestation, so it is vital that you learn to implement the correct system to allow it to happen.



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