An attitude of gratitude is important to manifest. However, there are some misunderstandings here as to how gratitude can truly help you suceed. it is only extremely specific forms of gratitude which lead to manifestation, and the majority of the time it is used incorrectly. Below are some understandings to help you improve your manifestation intelligence:


1. Gratitude must be for the present only. You must not be thinking about the past


If you think about the past, you will be kept in the past. The law of attraction states that what you think about, you bring about. If you think gratitude about your past, you are re-creating that in your future. So, you must be grateful in the present moment only. To clarify:


a) Your power and ability to change lies in controlling the present moment only. If you think about the past, you can make this into a habit of thinking about the past all the time. To manifest, you must be living in the moment and fully concentrating on the here and now. This is extremely important and totally crucial to your success.


b) Many people have aspects of their past which are best released and forgotten. To think about the past again is to potentially bring those emotions up.

You therefore need to be very careful of what you are being grateful for and what exactly you are doing. You must be in the present moment to manifest. Manifestation happens from a present-moment state.


2. Gratitude invokes emotions and emotions, and if not controlled correctly, will stop your manifestation


Manifestation comes from control of the mind and body. Control of the mind means being in a highly focused state. It means you must be focused on what you are doing, as you are doing it, and concentrating for long periods of time. By invoking emotions and feelings you are not in full control of your mind. To manifest, you need to have a controlled and powerful mind. Additional pointers:


a) Gratitude, if hyped up, can cloud intuition coming from your subconscious mind. It is important to express gratitude, but not to hype yourself up over it. Intuition coming from the subconscious mind will only happen when your mind is clear, calm and controlled, which also requires clear, calm and controlled emotions.


b) Emotions when kept unchecked may lead to fantasising and wishful thinking. As said earlier, gratitude the incorrect way can keep you in the past. You can only manifest by being in the present moment. Your emotions also extend to include fantasy and wishful thinking too. All in all, you significantly decrease control of your body and mind, leading to negative manifestation.



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3. Gratitude if done incorrectly, leads to decrease through thinking of consolidation


Manifestation is an increasing process, which means you are expanding and achieving new things by increasing control of your mind and body, and becoming more efficient and more connected to your inner natural resources. Here are some additional useful pointers on gratitude:


a) Gratitude must not be done to think of what you "at least" have. You must be living and concentrating in the moment to manifest. This is your first priority to manifest.

b) Gratitude must be unconditional, and not conditional. If you express conditional gratitude, this is actually invoking your ego, which is not connecting you to your inner manifestation power in the subconscious mind.


What To Expect/Conclusion


Gratitude is great for creating good feelings in your body and making you feel alive and energised about life. It can make you see the bright side of things and appreciate the true beauty of existence. However, you must always be living in the moment and concentrating on the here and now to manifest. Manifestation happens in the present moment only. This builds the power of your intent, so that the subconscious resources from within can start to be released. This leads to true gratitude, because your outside circumstances will be changing and evolving so favorably that your manifestations will skyrocket.


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