Get Good Exercise

Exercise is an important component of manifestation for many reasons. Below are some basic understandings:


1. When you exercise, you are creating discipline


Discipline means you are able to commit to the things, which you say you will commit to. This will continue to increase in momentum, until you are able to commit to many things which you otherwise couldn't, due to uneasiness or laziness.


2. Exercise increases control of the body and mind


Control of the mind and body leads to control of everything. As you gain the control, you will be able to direct the mind and body towards whatever goal you please. You will be able to be extremely efficient with your time and achieve more in less time.


3. Exercise gives clarity of thought for mental manifestation


When you keep a regular program of exercise, you will develop a healthy body. This leads to a healthy mind as well. At the material level, you will have increased blood flow to the brain, allowing more oxygen and nutrients to nourish your brain cells and allow them to act optimally. This allows you to maintain clarity of thought, leading to an increase in plans, ideas, theories etc towards your goal.


4. Exercise helps to keep you feeling good


Feelings on their own don't lead to any kind of manifestation. However, feeling good definitely helps you to maintain the right beliefs and mindset about your goal. This will allow you to maintain the right motivation when the right thoughts come.


What To Expect/Conclusion


Keeping a good exercise regimen is essential for successful manifestation. Without it, you can never say that you will have full control of the mind and body, because there will always be room for improvement. As you develop a routine, you will increase your discipline and mental manifestations skyward. This will allow you to achieve the right physical manifestations you desire.



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