Get A Move On

Get a move on refers to the act of deciding and maintaining physical action towards the goal without wandering about in laziness. Below are some basic understandings to help you:


1. You must always keep your focus at all times


You do this by getting into a routine and momentum of how you are going to strive towards the goal. The more you get into a routine, the more you will develop discipline and real momentum.


2. You need to get out of the house


That is, do not get bogged down in one physical location. The more you are out and about and meeting people or doing new things, the more you will develop momentum to discipline, and an understanding of the bigger picture and scheme of things. Without this, you will get bogged down in a small reality of how things actually work. Also, hustle and bustle in the environment will help you push harder towards your goal.


3. You need to limit your social connections.


That is, you must limit the social connections to those who have no discipline and are wandering aimlessly without purpose. This includes all manner of college students, unemployed people, lazy people etc. You should only associate with those people who have a similar vision to yourself. That way, you will get the drive and motivation you need to continue making progress towards the goal.


4. You need to maintain proper social connections.


This is not a contradiction of the above. What I mean here is that you should only associate with people who will further your goal, and only act towards the goal in front of people. The mind is a psionics device which means that any mindset you have will be reinforced in other people automatically. Therefore, any mindset in front of others is binded synergistically.


What To Expect/Conclusion


To get a move requires discipline and the strict maintenance and regulation of social connections. This can only be done under a strong degree of focus. Focus is the filter by which all non-manifestation material will begin to disintegrate, leaving you a clear and easy path to tread to your goal.



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