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Any claims made of actual manifestation gains have been verified. Your level of success in attaining the results claimed in our materials depends on the time you devote to the program, ideas and techniques mentioned, your knowledge and the various skills which we mention in our guide, "Manifestation Intelligence: The Laws Of Mind System". Since these factors differ according to the individual, we cannot guarantee your manifestation success if you fail to follow our instructions. 

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Additional Disclaimer Regarding Information In The Articles Database

This section will only be of relevance to the informed reader. It applies mainly to philosophical, religious and New Age thought groups:

The Articles Database makes it clear that the human mind is connecting with a created system of deeper mind in the subconscious, unconscious and deeper levels of mind only. Everything in the Articles Database, whether suggested directly or indirectly does not suggest anything else, except that a created system of mind is being accessed. The deeper levels of mind are strictly a created system of mind. The system has been created by the Universal Consciousness of God. God is therefore separate from this created system of mind, and/or any other system mentioned in the database since Creator is distinct from and independent of creation.

Also, the words "created", and "creating" in reference to reality creation through mind mean "manifested" or "manifesting". Created therefore does not mean that the mind is creating directly. What is only happening is that the reality is simply being made "apparent" to us. Our mind does not create anything physical directly and it has no power to do so.