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Questions On Membership And Its Effects

Will your course work for me?
How long will it take to see results from the program?
Are there any exercises or techniques that can be used?
What level of manifestation experience do I need to use this?
Can you tell me more about the bonus audios and their effectiveness?
Everyone tells me they have the secret. What makes this different?
What are the main benefits of the Laws Of Mind System?
Who is Manifestation Intelligence™ for?
Do you have any testimonials?

Questions On Ordering

What are the main reasons I should buy from you?
Will I be able to download my own personal copy of the course?
How do I join?
English is not my first language. Will I be able to understand the course?
Is my online purchase secure?
What other payment options do you offer?
Do you have a book/CD/DVD of the products available?

Miscellaneous Questions

What are the aims of
Where is based?
I have a question which isn't answered here?

Questions On The Course And Its Effects

Will your product work for me?

Yes. Our course will work for you regardless of your life situation, or manifestation experience. This course is suitable for all levels, from novice to advanced. It provides unique information that a lot of manifestation teachers miss out on.

How quickly can I get gains?

A. It depends entirely on what you're trying to manifest. If it is a big goal, it could take months or even years. However, your ideas, thoughts and mindset can change literally within a few days. Smaller manifestations can take place anywhere from a few days to several weeks. The more you put into this program, the greater will be your results.

A. Yes. The course is full of exercises, techniques, methods and ways to unlock more of your subconscious mind and give yourself the winning edge. This is a course for winners who want to take action and get their goals. The information is presented in very simple and clear English, and it is upto you to take full advantage of that.

What is a typical training schedule like

A. Any level of manifestation experience is fine. You can be a seasoned pro or a novice and gain just as much. The reason is that the information is very comprehensive. For an example of our information, see the 21 Secrets Of Success guide, which is available to download on our free newsletter.

Will the audio bonuses work for me?

Yes. The bonus audios are created using brainwave entrainment technology, called BrainTune®. This helps your mind to enter into "The Zone" of peak performance so that manifestation happens a lot more easily for you.

Brainwave entrainment allows your brain to resonate at particular frequencies. This allows for heightened performance, awareness, focus, intuition, memory powers and many other positive things.

The Material Manifestation BrainTune® audio is specifically geared towards manifesting physical things, such as more money, wealth and possessions. You will notice the difference within a few playings. The Romance Manifestation BrainTune® audio is designed for enhancing your attractiveness, charm and charisma to others.

You listen to the audios for 30-60 minutes per day, once per week. Please note that these audios are available as an introductory offer only and will soon be sold separately (at a higher price point). We highly recommend you get these now as they can change your life completely.
We use them ourselves and know that it works. It is the reason this website can even exist!

This course was created exclusively by analysing the natural strategies of self made multi-billionaires. These are the only people who can be relied on for true manifestation secrets because they are the ones who have performed the biggest physical manifestations. In contrast, other manifestation teachers talk about manifesting parking spaces! We have analysed successful people in the real world, read over 500 self-help books and have taken constant feedback from our fans to make this the best and most comprehensive course on manifestation available anywhere.

The Laws Of Mind® System can help you become more efficient and better at anything you do. Depending on your background, here is what you can expect:

For anyone that has a career: It will help you make more money, make you more focused and productive in your work. You will have a better idea of how to unlock your mind and create real manifestation results.

For young people and students: It will help you understand how life and success truly works. It will give you direction, ambition and valuable information that will help you excel in life.

For mature adults: It will help you re-gain focus for your goals, tie the loose ends together and get valuable life changing information that can strengthen your chances of success.

For manifestation enthusiasts: This is not the "usual" manifestation information that the law of attraction talks about. You will get all the "loose ends" tied together, get a clear blueprint for success and finally understand how to change your life for good.

Who is The Complete Guide To Genius for?

A. We are for anyone that is fed up of not knowing how to achieve their goals, and who wants is a clear blueprint to manifestation success. We give all the shortcuts, tips and secrets that can truly change your life. We have over 30,000 fans who can vouch for the effectiveness of our information and we would love you to join us.

A. Yes, you can see some of our testimonials here. We also have some video testimonials which users have kindly sent in.

Questions On Ordering

The main reasons to buy from us are:

1. We delivers the goods for manifestation fans. Our fans are changing their lives because of accurate manifestation information that explains everything in full detail. This is not one technique or method. This is a comprehensive system, split into 3 steps. We also constantly take on our members' feedback to perfect and improve our course even more.

2. A low, one-off price to join. We understand you have worked hard for your money. That is why our price has been kept low - so anyone can join at an affordable rate. We also have a money back guarantee in the unlikely event that you aren't satisfied.

3. Unique bonuses not found anywhere else. The manifestation audios on their own are worth the price of membership. These are not subliminal or hypnosis audios. These are brainwave entrainment audios that put your mind into a manifestation state. It is a very powerful way to access "The Zone" of peak performance and it is a cutting edge solution to achieving your goals. Not to hype it, but it is a must-have for anyone serious about manifestation and they really work. If you have questions about these audios, please get in touch as we respond to all queries asap.

4. Free course upgrades for life.
All the future upgrades to the manifestation program are free for life. This means you get all the latest tools, techniques, methods and strategies completely free of charge.

5. Our members get first class and lifetime customer support. Our members' enjoy interacting with us. If you e-mail us, you will get a prompt, courteous and detailed reply to any questions you have. We even reply during weekends.

6. You are dealing with the best. We are a UK based company that expects and delivers the best. We have a passion for helping you improve your life and take pride in making you a great success.

Will I be able to download my own personal copy of the guide?

A. Yes. Once your order has been accepted you will be transferred to the online download page, giving you complete access to the membership area, which includes the main Laws Of Mind® course, audios and other bonuses. If you lose the download link, simply send us an e-mail and we can give you a new one.

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How do I order the guide?

A. You can order your membership and get all the bonuses by clicking here. To go back to the homepage and order there, click here. There are only a few steps in the checkout process. You are first of all transferred to PayPal. This is where your transaction is processed. After that is complete, you are returned back to our site where you get the download details and full instructions for your purchase.

English is not my first language. Will I be able to understand the guide?

A. Yes, you will be able to understand it without a problem. The format of the course is in very simple English which anyone can understand.

Is my online purchase secure?

A. Yes, it is 100% secure. We use a merchant bank called PayPal who are the number one online processor in the world, with over 150 million account holders. They process your details safely and securely with the highest encryption standards available. Using the latest encryption technology ensures your details are safe and secure at all times. You will also see a golden lock in your web browser during the checkout process to confirm the security is in place.

What other payment options do you offer?

A. You can also use non-credit cards such as Maestro, Switch and Solo on the PayPal order page. If you are having problems using a card or PayPal, please contact us for details of additional payment options.

Do you have a physical book or DVD available?

A. Unfortunately not, but we are working on publishing our various products in bookstores throughout the world. We will keep you posted on our developments via our website.

Miscellaneous Questions

What are the aims of

A. The central aim is to teach the truth about manifestation and deliberate creation amongst such a huge sea of misinformation. We are especially opposed to the hype surrounding the law of attraction which, although very useful, has unfortunately misinformed the public about the true and full manifestation process. Our values are honesty, transparency and integrity above all else.

Where is based

We are based in the United Kingdom. Our parent company is called Mind One Digital Ltd, which is reflected on the PayPal order screen.

I have a question which isn't answered here?

A. No problem! Just contact us and we will respond to you asap. We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service. Try us and see for yourself!