Energy is a general term which refers to the energy, drive and motivation you have to manifest your goal. This is especially important because everyone has a distinct personality, and therefore the actions required to reach your goal will be appealing in some ways, but not in others. Below you will find some basic understandings on energy:


1. Manifestation is guaranteed when your goal fits in with your identity perfectly.


That is, the easiest way to manifest your goals, is to do those things which are naturally appealing to you, and which stimulates you on a fundamental level. This increases your connection to the natural drive which exists within you, and increases your connection to the deeper mental resources which create mental and physical manifestation.


2. Drive and motivation must be balanced with intent.


If there is not a balance, a negative manifestation will occur. Energy is like electricity which flows through the circuit of intent. If there is too much energy flowing down the wires, the circuit will break, and the manifestation will fail. You must therefore create the appropriate circuits in intent as your drive and fundamental connection to the natural inner resources continues.


3. Drive and motivation must be kept consistent.


As is the case with electricity: bursts of it can break the circuit. So when there are bursts of energy, followed by a lack, you are breaking your circuit in intent and causing the manifestation to fail. The key therefore is to establish a pattern and system of drive and motivation which will guarantee that you will move towards your goals consistently.



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4. Energy is subtle and doesn't need to be felt.


In other words, just because you have drive and motivation doesn't mean you need to be bursting with energy, feelings and emotions. If anything, the absence of any emotion shows there is true drive, because you are connected to the level of the unconscious and immaterial foundation, where there are no emotions or feelings.


5. Drive and motivation show that life force energy is connected to your goal.


When you are striving towards your goals, and have the necessary inner energy to move towards them successfully, you are moving towards your manifestations in both their mental and physical forms. Life force is the mental carrier energy which links all three areas of immaterial, mind and environment together, to create a coherent pattern of manifestation.


What To Expect/Conclusion


Energy and it's different forms are fundamental to manifestation of all kinds. However, to learn how to use your energy, what it means and what power you have over it will guarantee that all aspects of your manifestation attempt is covered. You must therefore make the commitment to yourself to learn the exact, step by step system to manifestation.


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