Having good emotions and feelings has been said to increase manifestation. When you feel good on the inside, you get more motivation, enthusiasm and drive to succeed. Some of this is true and genuinely helpful as a tool to manifest, but some of it requires some clarification. Below are some understandings to help you clarify your manifestation intelligence:


1. Too much positive and good feelings lead to fantasising and wishful thinking which stops you manifesting.


Fantasising and wishful thinking is not the correct way to manifest. Your objective should be to maintain control of the mind and without a fantasising and wishful thinking mindset creeping in. Here are some additional pointers:


a) When you're making attempts to always feel good, you create imagery in your mind of what makes you feel good. This imagery takes you out of the present moment, so you are not focused on the immediate tasks to reach your goal. The lesson is this: you need to be in the present moment to manifest first. You should not be trying to create good feelings, and then go towards your goals. The present momentness must come first.


b) Fantasising makes you lack efficiency, focus and direction.


When you lack efficiency, your resources are septn on trivial things, and not the important things to reach your goal. Also, when you lack focus, you don't realise the significance of your time, and so more time is used incorrectly. All in all, you end up going in a direction where you are miles away from the manifestation you want.


c) If you end up fantasising from good feelings, it means you lack detachment.

You need to be detached from your goal to manifest correctly. Having too many positive feelings which you are creating consciously makes you attached to the goal.

Good feelings are obviously a positive thing and will help you achieve success clearly, since you will have more energy and motivation to succeed. However, it is very important that you control the emotions which lie inside. This is crucial to achieving success.


2. Good feelings cloud the importance and significance of things to reach your goal


When you are feeling good, you become oblivious to potential issues which you may experience. It can make you feel "too positive" and not see the obvious stumbling blocks which can keep you back:


a) Feeling good may mask the genuine bad signals and intuition lessons which come to you.


Your mind sends signals to you and lets you know when you are off-track on your manifestation efforts. Therefore, you need to make sure you aren't masking those signals with too many conscious positive feelings. Positive feelings can "cover up" the valuable signals which your mind is providing for you.


b) Feeling good gives you a false sense of security.


Feeling good is without a doubt, a signal of good thoughts. However, to achieve your goals requires acceptance of the present situation and THEN focus towards the goal.

The central lesson here is that you need to make sure that you are being authentic and are totally aware of the present situation you are in. If you are too detached from present reality, you will do things expecting a positive result and not achieve it.



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3. Changing your emotions too often can lead to lack of control of the body.


Control of the mind and body leads to manifestation. To manifest, your emotions must be in a "controlled" state and not a haphazard state. Some more lessons:

a) The body can go through a whole series of emotions naturally. It is natural therefore to feel a variety of emotions. For example, if you are feeling sad, it is okay to feel sad. You should not change this artificially. Once you accept the feelings you have, THEN you can change them. Acceptance of who you are as the basis for manifestation is the key to achieving your goals.


b) Concentrating on emotions means you are not concentrating in the present moment. Your awareness should be on the outside and concentrating in a present moment state. If you live in the moment, you will manifest. The more you begin to live in the momen, the more control you will create over your mind and body. This creates the right emotional mix automatically.


Key Points To Remember


1. Emotions change all the time, and go up and down all the time. People who manifest still feel sadness as well as joy. You must have one end of the scale to feel the other.


2. Good feelings and emotions can mask the reality of your situation by hiding intuition and gut feeling reactions which come from the subconscious mind.


What To Expect/Conclusion


Feeling good and having positive emotions are obviously important because they boost your self esteem and confidence. That goes without saying. However, it is important to realise that having too many positive emotions, such as hyping yourself up to feel good, can mask genuine signals and valuable information coming from your subconscious mind.


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