Educate Your Employees

To educate your employees refers to the concept of making sure that your employees have a sufficient understanding of how success works. Below are some basic understandings to help you:


1. Make sure your employees understand the importance of discipline


Discipline is the primary condition which allows your actions to achieve material manifestation. Without discipline, you become inefficient and slow, and also are prone to making mistakes. Discipline is the true focus of the body.


2. Make sure your employees are encouraged to be independent


A domineering boss is the worst boss, because it isn't allowing the employees to express their individuality and take control of their own inner resources.


3. Make sure you allow your employees to give feedback on performance


Two way communication is by far the best way to go about things. When this is in place, you are reinforcing each others opinions to allow for continuous improvement.


4. Make sure your employees are result orientated and not money orientated


When you are money orientated, you retard your progress because you are creating an artificial limit which doesn't actually exist in reality. By focusing on results, you are focusing on service which allows you to connect to your inner resources and expand your service even more.


What To Expect/Conclusion


Understanding your employees and helping them to achieve success, requires careful positioning of the employer. The employees will fail if the employer doesn't understand how they work, and so the employer must take active strides to ensure that the employees are creating maximum manifestations.



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