Dont Rely On Others

Don't rely on others refers to the concept of standing on your own two feet to manifest your goal, and taking the advice of others as secondary. However, there is serious caution to be made here in heeding your own course of action, and so the tips below will clarify:


1. Don't take everything which people advise you, literally all the time


Sometimes somebody may say something which seems like good advice, but putting it into practise yields a different result, or different understanding. The truth is that whatever someone says is a temporary understanding and foundation to allow you to gain the understanding. In other words, what someone explains to you is not the understanding and knowledge itself. The knowledge only comes from actually acting towards the manifestation which will yield the real understanding and knowledge. So taking someone's advice is good, but it isn't the full understanding.


2. Judge people's advice from the quantifiable successes they have


Don't just accept their advice simply because they give it. All advice is not necessarily good advice. There needs to exist evidence for taking one course of action over another. Simply relying on other people to show you the way will lead nowhere. The truth is that 99% of people are non manifesters, which means they are not manifesting the life they desire. Any advice within this 99% of people may be partially true or partially good advice, but the rest is likely to be half truth rubbish.



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3. Learn to control everything yourself


That is, don't let others have a substantial invested interest in what you are trying to manifest. Learn to understand and be in control of everything yourself. To rely on others means you are also accepting the liability if they make mistakes. Obviously, there will be many things that you cannot control. But many of the key things should be under your control as much as possible. If you need someone else to control something, make sure they are subordinate to you.


4. Be careful who you spend your time with


In fact, you shouldn't spend any time with anyone, unless they are going to directly help you achieve your goal. Random and aimless socialising is a waste of precious time. You should save your time and head straight towards your goal only.


What To Expect/Conclusion


Successful manifestation comes only from your own understanding of how to achieve your goal. Other people can provide advice, but only in understanding it from your own point of view and relying on your own real understandings, can the proper course of action be taken


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