Dont Rely Memory

To rely on memory means that you are relying on mental chance to achieve your goals. Below are some basic understandings here:


1. We can easily forget and remember things all the time.


That is, important things which are critical to your goal can be forgotten and remembered, without any tangible law governing it. You cannot afford to forget super important things, and so you must take the steps to write important things down.


2. Memory makes us remember the past and the wrong ways of doing things.


That is, our memories are linked to the past where we may have done things in the wrong way. We must free ourselves of these wrong ways, by living in the moment to allow creativity, intuition and new courses of action.


3. Memory can bring us into a fantasising/wishful thinking disposition.


When we do this, we lose our focus and scatter our minds. To achieve manifestation, we must always live in the moment which will make our minds more adept and ready to embrace intuition.



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4. Perform important actions straight away.


That is, don't put off doing things, because you may eventually simply forget the important thing. Also, by doing the thing straight away, you are creating discipline in both mind and body which will increase your disposition for discipline even more.


What To Expect/Conclusion


To rely on your memory is a big mistake. Memory is simply there to help reinforce the components which are already in action, through the physical plans you have set yourself. It is therefore best to always write everything down. From this, you can expect your efficiency and drive towards your goals to increase.


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