Do Not Think About Money

Not thinking about money is absolutely critical if you are to achieve true wealth resonance. Below are some tips to help you here:


1. Money is man made and made up


What is made up will not allow you to directly connect to the natural resources within you. Only through your natural resources can true manifestation come about. Also, by thinking about made up things, you do not have natural traction and therefore you achieve an un-natural life. The true nature is one of unlimited wealth, so long as you connect to your true wealth through the natural resources.


2. Thinking about money creates a fake limit.


Remember, money is made up, straight from the top of other people's heads. When you think in money terms, you are thinking in terms of artificial limits. However, there are no limits. So long as you connect to the true natural resources with you within energy, intent and action, you are guaranteed to achieve true mental and physical manifestation.



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3. Focus on energy, intent and action instead.


When you focus on the system of manifestation, you are effectively focusing on perfecting your connection to the natural resources within you. Only in the natural resources can the correct manifestations come about.


4. You must distance yourselves from people who talk about money.


People that talk about money are in a position of lack, and do not have any money. Examples of these types of people are generally working class people, and "sales" people. You must always distance yourself from these people, because then you too will be buying in to their artificial concept of money. Also, you must limit yourself from the news, radio etc which will project false beliefs about wealth to you.


What To Expect/Conclusion


Money is one of the most mis-understood things in the world. In truth, it is completely made up and will not allow you to access your true natural mental and physical resources. You must therefore ignore it completely and focus on energy, intent and action.


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