Create Efficiency

Efficiency is the necessary fundamental of success. The more efficient you become, the greater will be the drive and motivation you have to strive towards your goals. Below are some basic understandings to help you:


1. Efficiency in all things is the correlation of focus


As you become more efficient, your focus will automatically increase towards your goals. This allows you to compound on your focus even more and greatly enhances your physical and mental manifestations.


2. Efficiency fits hand in hand with discipline


To become efficient requires you to be disciplined. So as your efficiency increases, your discipline increases even more. This allows you to achieve more things in less time, increasing the overall time even more. For example, what would normally take 2 hours to do, now takes 30 minutes, freeing up 75% of the original time.


3. Efficiency allows you to excel above everyone else.


When everyone else is taking their time or wasting it, you can achieve maximum use of your time by applying your resources and moving at warp speed towards your goals. With efficiency, success is guaranteed. The discipline created allows greater control of the mind and body which is the cause of everything.


What To Expect/Conclusion


When you are efficient, you can look back at the end of the day and realise how much you have accomplished. In an efficient day, you can easily accomplish 15-20 things. This then, should be your target. Also, the more efficient you become, the easier it becomes to achieve more things in a day. All in all, this will completely catapult you towards your goals like lightning, because you are achieving so much, that your goal becomes a necessary manifestation.



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