Create A Daily Plan Of Action

As you strive towards your goals, your daily life will begin to become hectic, and will require proper co-ordination and focus. This is why a daily plan of action is critical. Below are some helpful tips for you:


1. Do your most important tasks first.


The most important tasks are generally the ones we like to procrastinate on. So it's important that we put these first in our plans, and allow ample time for them.


2. Create a logbook or diary where you put all your plans.


Having everything co-ordinated and in a place where you can easily spot them is easily the best course of action for you. That way, you can easily look back at previous plans which weren't completed, allowing you to adjust and calibrate new plans to your situation more carefully.


3. Put critical plans up in a place where you can see.


a) All it takes is for your logbook to close for your goal to be out of sight.

b) Put an important goal up in a place where you can see it


4. Write all your plans down.


a) It doesn't matter whether the plans are large or small. Write everything down.

b) This allows you to keep track of every single idea you come up with.


What to Expect/Conclusion


It goes without saying, that having a daily plan of action will seriously help towards the manifestation you desire. It saves you a lot of time and increases efficiency sky-ward.



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