Contemplate What Ifs

Contemplating "what if's" means contemplating and imagining positive possibilities. These possibilities are essential to program your mind in a positive, expansionary and constructive way. This article explores the benefits of this in more detail:

1. By contemplating positive situations, you program them into the subconscious mind

As you know, the subconscious mind acts on suggestions you place into it. Thus, be imagining positive situations, you increase the level of positive success you will experience. You will also feel better thinking about things that make you feel good, and this also leads to more motivation and drive to succeed in achieving your goals.

2. Good situations in your mind lead to a change in your self-image

Good situations make you feel positive, optimistic and have more faith in the achievement of your goals. This in turn makes you have more self confidence overall. Your self image improves, in that you see yourself in a more favorable way. By seeing yourself in this favorable light, you get more motivation and persistence to succeed.

3. Imagining positive situations allows you to focus on them

You may be focused on things that you don't want. Thus, by imagining the good things, you then change your focus to them. You therefore achieve greater results and progress because you are focused in the right direction: that is, in the direction of your dreams instead of the things you don't want. You are naturally driven towards the things you want and they increase your levels of energy, passion and drive easily. This is exactly what you want, and making this a habit will lead to huge success easily.



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