Concentration refers to the ability to exhibit specific mental focus and attention on specific tasks. This is to allow you to give your best for every task at hand, which is a necessary precursor to receive the best in return, through correct mental and physical manifestation. Below you will find some basic understandings of concentration to help you:


1. Concentration is a specific component of intent.


It is the component of intent that relates to where you put your mental emphasis in day to day affairs. True intent lies at the level of the unconscious mind, where the intent can achieve fruition without limit. Concentration in day to day tasks allows you to maintain this unconscious nature, by maintaining your own mental links and internal communications with the unconscious.


2. Concentration leads to specific mental manifestation.


Mental focus describes the overall focus for overall manifestation, whereas concentration focuses on specific components for specific manifestation. So for example, if you want to increase your manifestation in one particular area, you should concentrate your full mental and physical attention on that component specifically and exclusively. This allows your mind to fully understand every relevant component of that specific thing, but also add additional understanding to it, since concentration allows you to access your deeper mental states and the understanding this brings.


3. Concentration does not need conscious attempt.


In other words, you don't need to be aware of concentration in your mind to sustain it, or need to even try to have full concentration. It is something which happens automatically when you form the right system of mental habits. Putting this system into place will increase your concentration and mental manifestation without effort, so there is no need for specific conscious effort.


4. Concentration allows clarity of mind.


It allows you to normalise your understanding and see the common sense in situations. This allows for rapid manifestation because you are seeing the path of least resistance towards your goal.


What To Expect/Conclusion


Concentration is a component of your mindset which can be developed and refined within an overall system of manifestation. As the system is put in place, your concentration will automatically increase, because you will be connecting to the true inner resources which create the concentration in the first place. You should therefore make the effort to learn this step by step system to achieve your dreams.



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