Be Independent

Being independent refers to the act of being in charge of yourself, and the consequences of your actions, instead of being subservient to other people, or other forces. Below are some basic understandings


1. Being independent creates discipline of the mind and body


When you are directly in charge of yourself, you will have an understanding of how your own personal actions and thoughts affect reality. You are not subservient to anybody else and can see clearly what affects your actions are having in the environment around you. This increase your discipline of the body and mind, in which you continue to make the right decisions towards your goal.


2. Being independent allows you to follow your passion


You are not living someone else's passion, but your own. When you live your own passion, you can connect to within your passion and increase its energy even more. This correlates in an increase in mental and physical manifestation directly. You will get more ideas about your goal, and you will develop a clear plan of how to apply your ideas to achieve material manifestation.


3. Being independent allows you to understand the factors of success


If somebody else is doing all the work for you, you can't understand the main principles and variables which are creating the success. When you take charge of the ropes yourself, you can see exactly what works and what doesn't.



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4. Being independent strengthens your frame and reality against other realities


When you have a strong frame, you can push back against others who try to override your frame or way of doing things. You also can hold your ground against the invasion of different ideas and beliefs of other people, because you have formed inner mental fibre which acts as a blockade and barrier against it. This helps to maintain the momentum in your manifestations, by stopping anything untoward from penetrating your mindset.


What To Expect/Conclusion


When you become independent, you are well on the path to manifestation success. Being in charge of yourself develops remarkable control of the mind and body, and helps to create manifestation momentum. The only downfall from this is that you may become oblivious to obvious mistakes which exist in your life. It is therefore wise to understand the full system of manifestation, in The Laws Of Mind, so that you know every variable and pitfall in advance, leading to the successful and deliberate manifestation of your dreams.


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