Asking is a component talked about in law of attraction circles. Asking and using it correctly is extremely useful, but there is much more to it than that. There are misconceptions which are not talked about in law of attraction circles. If you are asking to live a life of luxury and are not doing things for the higher good of all, it leads to no manifestation or momentum towards it, because it is egotistical. Instead, you should focus on service and passion. Here are some pointers:


a) An egotistical desire is simply taking without giving anything back. A law of human relationships is that you must be of service and give, if you are to receive back. Nobody is going to give you everything on a plate. This law of relationships is a law which permeates through nature.


b) To have an egotistical desire is not creating. It is simply having a desire without any power. True manifestation is a creative process which creates new things through using your natural resources. So as long as you are creating new things in accordance with your passion only, will you be on the road to successful manifestation. To simply want something without giving will lead to negative manifestation.


The universe doesn't owe you anything and is indifferent. You must learn to create and offer to the universe instead.


You simply can't ask, and expect everything to fall on a plate for you. You must create for yourself and offer to the universe. No one is there to give you a leg up. What the universe has done is give you the ability to access your innermost power and resources. Additional pointers to help you:


a) The universe will only help you, if you begin to help yourself. This means you need to connect to your mind and body and release its innermost and deepest resources. Remember that consciousness is the construct by which reality is created, and there is consciousness inside you. The universe cannot do anything for you, except what you allow through using your own mind and body.


b) You must be willing to create something new in the universe. The more you create, the more the universe will want you to create. Consciousness has creative capability and will bind - through the law of attraction - to help you create even more.


What To Expect/Conclusion


Asking is a very mis-understood concept in manifestation. You must not ask. You must give and create. This is true asking. When you are giving, the universe will help you to give more. When you are creating, the universe will help you to create even more.

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