Action refers to the physical steps one must take with the body, to re-order the environment and situation around you, to therefore allow the manifestation of your goal. Examples of action can be literally anything and will depend entirely on the goal you have set yourself. Below you will find some key understandings surrounding action:


1. Action is a fundamental of manifestation, like energy and intent.


Without action, there is no manifestation. This is because you have been put in a physical environment with a physical body for a reason. This reason requires us to use our body in the physical environment we find ourselves in, and to not ignore it as a by-product.


2. Action requires the refining of your habits, both good and bad.


The quality of your actions depends entirely on the system of actions you have in place. This system of action is in the habits which you have, both good and bad. Your objective should be to refine and modify your habits permanently. The way to do this is progressively, one step at a time. To make sudden changes in your habits is ineffective, because the habits themselves are incumbent and entrenched systems within you that can be only be shifted slowly over time.


3. Action requires a system of consistent and progressive action towards the goal.


There is no point working hard one day and sitting around the next. The objective should always be to create a system of consistent action towards the goal, which both increases the depth of your mental understanding (and therefore mental manifestation) of the goal, and to consistently create a system of physical manifestations which accumulate on top of one another.



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4. Correct action requires a change in your belief system.


We all have beliefs which are both positive and negative, and these exist within an overall system of beliefs which effect our actions, desires and mindset. Your objective must be to change the internal mental connections which form the system, and to lock in the new system of beliefs through action. Only by following through with action when a new belief is formed, can the belief become concrete and the overall belief system changed.


5. Correct action requires you to act instead of react.


When you react, you are reacting to the environment which is the cause of your reaction. However, when you act, you are causing the environment to react, and you are the cause of the reaction instead. This way of action is the correct way, because within your mind lies the cause of everything. This is what rightfully and truly causes all things to react, and to complement this way of action is to harness the true power within your own mind. In simple terms, it will strengthen your superiority over the environment and make it subservient to you.


What To Expect/Conclusion


Action is an underrated component of manifestation, simply due to misinformation and the desire for overnight and immediate satisfaction. When you are moving and striving towards the real goals you wish to manifest, the change happens from within you, to change who you really are. This change is a shift in your state of consciousness, which is a filter of the infinite reality which comes from its root in the unconscious mind. You must therefore make the commitment to fully understand the laws of consciousness which is the cornerstone which influences all manifestations in your life.


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